A crocodile in front of the restaurant is basking in the sun: customers are scheduled to make hot pot

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chutiandoushibao· 2017-12-10 09:30:39

crocodile is famous for its ferocity, making many animals chilling. At noon yesterday, someone in a restaurant in a Wuhan Road, Optics Valley Hukou door, saw a crocodile lying in the sun on the sidewalk (pictured), let many people be frightened and change color. Some suggested that the crocodile was a protected wild animal that could not be killed and eaten, and that the authorities wanted to save the life of the crocodile.

reporters learned that this is a restaurant near the Baishazhou aquaculture market to buy, is the original Siam alligator farmed, ready to do the Hot pot.

a crocodile street sun

at noon yesterday, who lives in Optics Valley public Ms. Liu drove out from the area after passing a road in Hukou, saw a crocodile lying on the sidewalk in the street the sun, take a look a bit scary, but the crocodile looks very happy and pleased with oneself enjoy sunbathing. "Is the family pet running out?" "Mrs. Liu felt very strange. She stopped the car on the road, walked to the crocodile and looked at the rare animal.

through the video taken by Ms. Liu, the Chutian city newspaper reporter saw that in the sun, the crocodile lying on a cardboard box, closed his eyes, moving. At the scene, many passersby were found, and the footsteps were stopped. The restaurant clerk said it was bought from the market and was ready to make hot pot for the guests.

"how can I eat it?" Ms. Liu was very worried that if the restaurant bought a national protected animal, she could not kill and eat the crocodile. She hoped that the authorities concerned could verify that it might save the life of the crocodile.

guests to take it as Hot pot

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to a road of Hukou, seen in a note for a restaurant kitchens, a 1 meter long crocodile is placed in a glass bowl, sharp mouth was taped, eyes closed, no movement, the reporter felt it's a little cold tail. Chef, chef,

restaurant chef, said the crocodile was reserved for the guests' birthday banquet and was prepared for two days to make hot pot. After receiving the guests booking, ten days ago, he bought farmed crocodiles from Baishazhou aquaculture market, 50 yuan a pound, the crocodile weighs 13 pounds. Because the crocodile is afraid of the cold, so the day is put out in the sun, the day before the night, forget to take it back, the crocodile in the cold night, listless. At noon yesterday when the sun, it also move back and forth. The store had only done a crocodile Hot pot, he did not know what specific taste, do Hot pot, with melon base, remove the crocodile's head and visceral, the rest parts cut sheet, into the bottom of the pot, can be eaten, "some guests can accept, some do not accept. "The

reporter consulted the Hubei aquatic wild animal rescue center feeding minister leaves him, see, this is a Siam crocodile, mainly distributed in the southeast of Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, is a medium-sized adult crocodiles crocodile, the longest can reach 4 meters, feeding low cost, but the reproduction ability. Siam crocodile leather has a very high reputation in the world, the greater the higher the value of the skin, so the current market is artificial breeding and sale, and animal protection at the national level is strictly prohibited the killing of Chinese alligator.

(editor Jiang Cuicui)

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