Put Pu Jinhui off the stage, 17 million Korean people won the prize

Park Geun hye overseas network trial

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overseas network, December, 10, in recent days, Germany's oldest political foundation, Friedrich? The Albert Foundation (Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung) of the human rights award to 17 million South Koreans, they held a candlelight vigil for last year, when he was called for South Korean President Park Geun hye resigned because of a scandal.

, according to Yonhap news 6, Jang ae-jin, the survivor of the "world Vietnam" shipwreck, accepted the award of human rights awarded by the foundation at the awarding ceremony in Berlin, Germany. She said, "I want our country to be a country that puts the people first, and I am proud of Korea's democracy. "She was still in his eulogy to two victims of the friend said," I must say, I get this prize because of you. "

" recognized "

international society it is reported that South Korea alliance (Korea Alliance of Progressive progressive movement) voting through the network Jang is selected as the representatives of citizens award, the organization has to take the lead in the park to step down. On the same day, Park seok-woon, chairman of the Korean progressive Sports Union, also attended the ceremony. He said that the significance of the award is that Korean democracy has been recognized by the international community.

at the ceremony, Friedrich? Kurt, head of the Albert foundation? Beck (Kurt Beck) said that the foundation awarded them a prize, which is a recognition of their participation in peace and non violence for a long time, and their contribution to the promotion of human rights. Pu Yuanchun, mayor of Seoul, said in a video, "we should set up a democratic system that allows people to participate in it. We are confident that people can restore democracy and make their country a comfortable place. "

reported at the awards ceremony in addition to the fund officials and part of South Korean citizens to participate in the anti Park Rally, there is a World War II by the Japanese as" comfort women "of the Korean victims.

park has been gradually identified

Jang from a number of suspected Indovina number shipwreck survivors is lucky, in April 16, 2014, 476 people equipped with "the world", South Korean ferry boat incident, a total of 304 people were confirmed dead or missing in the tragedy. After the incident, the South Korean government was accused of ineffective rescue. The then president, park Geun hye, also revealed "disappeared 7.5 hours" on the day of the incident. The whereabouts of the Korean government is still unknown.

, South Korea's Beijing Township News reported that with the trial of the Korean court in the case of "good faith Zheng Zheng men", it has gradually identified a number of suspects of Park Geun hye, and the defendants suspected of involvement with Park Geun hye were also sentenced to actual punishment. The analysis believes that the Korean court will hold a first trial sentence in the early next year, and Pu Jinhui is convicted of a crime. It is reported that after more than 90 trials, most of the suspicion related to the trial of Park Geun hye is over, and the only part of the trial remains to be finished.

day before the park Geun hye two consecutive South Korea refuses to appear in court, the court conducted the hearing. Korean media have commented that, hope to be able to recognize the park, this only for the majority of the Korean people to commit more serious crimes, not only will cause most of the nation's anger, will eventually be punished more severely by law. (compiling / overseas network Zhu Xiao)

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