All the guard after new 13 army officers who are?

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guanhaijieju· 2017-12-10 09:30:47

- view news Legal Evening News December 9th, newspaper news release, the size of the structure and strength of organization reform, former army officers army guard, all 90% team members exchange office.

news reporter found out at the beginning of this year, the new set up to adjust the 13 army group, has been identified as a candidate for the 26 new army first officer.

24 hours, all the Army Committee were to post new

11 on Sept. 9, the Liberation Army Daily published an article "the army cadres explore the wide range of communication way away on the front page". The article revealed that in the scale structure and the strength of the establishment in the reform of the army organization wide exchange office, former army officers of the guard, all 90% team members exchange office, combat brigade 40%, training institutions and research institutions from more than 50% team members in different places, to achieve powerful combination of complementary advantages.

in April this year, the Ministry of defence announced: the Military Commission decided to original army 18 army as the foundation set up to adjust the 13 army, the 13 Army Corps in the seventy-first army and eighty-third army.

the 13 new army and the theater of membership are:

Eastern theater, seventy-first, seventy-second, seventy-third army; the southern theater, the seventy-fourth, seventy-fifth army in the Western Theater; the seventy-sixth, seventy-seventh army, seventy-eighth, seventy-ninth, eightieth army; the northern zone, the central zone, the eighty-first, eighty-second, eighty-third army.

news reporter noted that this reform, the original army officers all guard, received the moment command, everyone go, playing on the starting backpack. Within 24 hours, all the Standing Committee arrived at the command post on time and quickly put into work in a brand new posture.

for example, under one order, major general Guo Xiaodong, the former twenty-sixth group of army political commissar, was transferred to the newly formed Seventy-eighth group of military political commissar. When he received orders, he had no time to say good-bye to the office, take his personal belongings, and hurried to a new post.

announced the next day, the first commander is unveiled

view news reporter noted that, in the defense ministry's regular press conference, CCTV news channel broadcast military display, the original thirty-eighth army commander Wang Yinfang for the first time in the seventy-first group army identity appeared, he is also the first appearance of this batch of Army commander.

's first appearance of the group army political commissar is the eighty-first group of military political commissar Fang Yongxiang. On the evening of May 2nd, the CCTV military agriculture channel broadcast news showed that Fang Yongxiang, the deputy director of the Army Political Work Department in the eastern theater, was publicly unveiled as the eighty-first member of the political commissar.

" it is worth noting that the 26 army commander, there are two people in our department from similar Yongxiang, the war zone, respectively, the seventy-sixth army commander Fan Chengcai, deputy commander of the previous position of Western army group; seventy-sixth army commander Xu Qiling, deputy commander of the central position after the army. The China Youth Daily published in the 29 edition of

6 on, published in the Twelfth Edition, quoted Fan Chengcai as saying: "in the 13 group army, the 76 army relies on the weakest foundation, the highest altitude and the most natural condition. "

2017 year July 24th evening, CCTV broadcast feature film" the large political reform carried out in the end "eighth set" military road "(under) disclosure of" some of the details of the history of the cattle in the process of promoting military reform ". In the film, Xu began to be the seventy-ninth army commander of the Chinese people's Liberation Army.

" it is reported that Xu Qiling before long in the original Ji'nan military service, former former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Ji'nan military region, Ji'nan military region division division commander, and in 2012 was transferred to the fifty-fourth army chief of staff of the army, the rank of major general. After the founding of the people's Liberation Army five war zone, Xu Qiling was transferred to the deputy commander of the central army.