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Delta Air force is the main force in the Russian intervention in Syria, the combat area is smaller, the opportunity to meet aircraft naturally more

years in multinational joint strike, IS armed as can be said is on the decline of the scale of power in Syria.

currently, the final forces of IS are struggling for the final struggle on the West Bank of the Euphrates River. It may involve the distribution of the interests of the countries after the war, and the complexity of the current situation is not as low as that of the most intense war.

, especially the current war in Syria, has shrunk to a very small area. Under the background of air attack between the US and Russia, the relative operational airspace is becoming more and more crowded. Russian warplanes dangerous contact more and more, the day before, both sides have played the slobber war.

-24 in Syria delta Su on the execution of combat sorties in Russian may be the most

12 on Sept. 8, the U.S. military first use of "New York Times" reported that Russian audibles, Russia last month reached the Euphrates River cross-strait flight the consensus, both sides to both sides of the river as the boundary, any party to cross the river to call them.

commanders have accused Russian troops of sometimes "violating" agreements in one day. The United States believes that the Russian army is trying to explore the bottom line of the US and induce the US pilots to make a rash strike, and consolidate Syria's territorial advantage before the Syria diplomatic negotiations.

A-10 and the Russian military said nearly a su -24 "collision"

U.S. listed several Russian dangerous actions, on 15 March, the United States is in the East Bank of Euphrates (I mean in my side you fly. Out of bounds) A-10 attack aircraft flight and nearly 90 meters outside the Russian Su -24 collision, both flight speed was 560 km / hour or so, A-10 had to dodge an emergency; a few days later, the Russian military aircraft again across the Euphrates River on the east coast, under the Su -30SM fighter even 300 meters A-10 the position of flight; November 17th, Russian Su -24 again across the east coast, the U.S. F-22 five times to contact, but did not get a response.

a US military said Russian Su -30SM should fly to A-10 attack aircraft 300 meters beneath the

stress, the Russian action has become a threat to the United States and friendly ground forces security, military security consider one's own words have reason to be shot down, but the United States has shown restraint". Second days after the publication of

's New York Times, Kona Schenker J, a spokesman for Russian Defense Ministry, was a tit for tat counterattack. The general of the Ministry of defense, Kona Schenker J.

F-22 said the Russian delta decoy cast of Su -25, and continuous maneuvers were "threatening"

Tymoshenko Kona husband also cited a "danger close to" example, in November 23rd, 2 Su -25 is Euphrates River the bank against terrorists, U.S. F-22 has cast decoy of Su -25 formation, and the "air combat simulation" of sudden deceleration, continuous motor. Kona Schenker J stressed that the Russian army Su -35S "super maneuver" rushed to the scene, the US Army F-22 "hurried" to leave.

Krner Schenker believed that the incident was "another example of the American Army trying to prevent the Russian army from attacking the IS armed forces".

delta mission in Syria Su -35

Tymoshenko also of the statement on the corner part of the airspace of Syria "part of the United States" in the ridicule, he also pointed out that the international coalition led by the United States in the territory of Syria illegal action.

said: "unlike Kona Tymoshenko, the Russian air force, the U.S. - led coalition forces in the territory of Syria, the action is illegal. The US The Pentagon should be clear that Syria is a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations, so the US has never had its own airspace in Syria, nor can it exist.

obviously, with the Syria war coming to an end, the post-war interest distribution running has quietly started.

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