What do the American elite are keen on early teaching?


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Subo was two years old, an American mother recommended us to go to the early education class. I thought that the exercise needed early teaching. Is it okay to take outdoor activities with baby every day? After I went to know, the original sports early teaching is the strength and balance system of the whole body of the child.

, the American mother and gentleman who invited me to the class, were all rattan school graduates, and Mr. 30 was already a senior executive of the listed company.

is not fully counted. In the early teaching class we went to, sports early education is the most concentrated place in the elite family. Although the charge is not out of the spectrum, the parents of the other children in the class are lawyers, surgeons and investment bank management. It can be seen that they attach importance to the physical quality of the children.

accompanied Su Bao for a year's sports training class. I think that as long as we master methods and ideas, we can create many opportunities at home, and help our baby improve our health. Today, some practical experience has been arranged and shared for reference. Before joining

, I want to add that the children in the American sports early education class are bare feet. Bare feet can help children feel their body better, keep their balance, and train their feet strength. They are not easy to fall and hurt when they exercise. Teachers are also encouraged to create opportunities at home to make babies bare feet. Now in the winter, indoor air conditioning or heating, the fear of cold, the floor mat is much better.

" Su Bao nearly three years old, early class children sports uniform requirements for barefoot

movement early education classes designed for motion all around the two key aspects: < / p>

practice balance, strength training.

walk the balance beam, on the parallel bars with limb climbing, is a very good balance and strength exercises. But even if there are no instruments at home, you can use some simple parent-child games to achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example,

1. walking shoulder (balance)

, holding the hands of mom and dad on the bump shoulders, is a lot of people's childhood memories. In fact, this exercise is very helpful for children's exercise of body balance. It's good to practice baby exercises on the safe shoulder in the community. Most babies like this exercise very much, and the difficulty coefficient is almost zero.

" Subao in early class two and a half years old, walking the balance beam

above the Su Bao balance beam training, teacher provisions can not be stepped on the ribbon, we usually do this exercise in the area, I will put some obstacles on the road shoulder when let go, Subao try not to step on them. The

2. spoon end ball (balance)

was actually learned at a picnic at the Subo kindergarten. That day the teacher designed several small games to make the children's hands and brains moving. Home every kind of big spoon, put a toy ball (4 years old to older children, but also can be used instead of cooked egg etc.), children's task is to hand hold the spoon to go straight, the middle ball cannot fall down.

before, I wrote a special chat about the baby's abdominal muscles. The game of the spoon end ball looks simple, but it is very helpful for abdominal strength training.

3. learns animals walking (strength, balance)

in sports morning classes. Teachers like children to pretend that they are all kinds of animals and exercise in this process.

" Subao "practice bears two and a half walk"

bears walk this game at home can also do exercise in early education classes, let the baby limbs, tails up, swaying walking on it; I will also Su Baoxue and the frog jumped, pretending to be the living room is a pond full of lotus leaf, let Su Baodun on the ground, from a "Lotus" jump to another piece of lotus leaf".

" Subao two-and-a-half-year-old, do leapfrog in sports

early education classes can also learn the crab walk, let the baby to squat, then put his hands behind the brace, hands and feet together into the belly up, hands and feet to walk. The

4. trolley (power)

trolley sport is a little bit like our adult's flat support. It can train the baby's abdominal strength. The teachers in the morning exercise class often encourage children to do this exercise. The method is to let the baby lie down first, and then the adult will lift the baby's legs up behind him and let the baby walk with his hands.

" Subao two and a half, the balance beam trolley game

Su Bao two when doing this exercise is a bit difficult, I will support her hip, such a small number of difficulty. After being proficient, then transition to the thighs, knees, and legs, step by step.

5. L STAND (strength)

to find a wall, let the baby first squat down, and then kick like a little donkey, kick the leg on the wall, keep it for five seconds, and then put it down. This exercise is often done in the early teaching class, also called L STAND

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