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reported in December 10th posted embarrassed the dumpling

recently, a chairman of the board of directors of Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang's itinerary in the online Shuabing, sleep 4 hours a day of rest stunned friends, also make many people sigh, people so rich so you fight, what reason do not work hard?

, in fact, there are many IT giants who work hard like Zhang Zhaoyang. Most of them are late for bed, early rising, meeting every day, &ldquo, flying trapeze &rdquo, flying 33 countries in one year. Although it is already what people call “ the successful person ” they are still trying to change the world through their efforts.

Zhang Zhaoyang: sleep 4 hours a day, live in English,

, according to Qianjiang Evening News, Zhang Zhaoyang announced his schedule for the first time at last week's World Internet Conference. In addition to sleep and exercise, almost all of them are working.

specific schedule as follows:



5: sleep: wake up: 30-6:30: think of something today:

6:00 news

6:30: use the Sohu's products, Sohu, Fox News client, Sogou

7:00-8:00: ready to broadcast,

8:00-9:00 notes: unshakable live.

13:00-18:00:5 hours are intensive working hours. There will be many meetings. There will be about 20 minutes for a meeting. Some will take a long time to do more details:

19:00: running.

Zhang Zhaoyang told the media that it was especially good to sleep for 4 hours, and it was uncomfortable to sleep more. Learn more, read more books, understand the world, find the meaning of your existence, pursue wealth and do something meaningful. Life will start to become clear.

in the technology circle, Zhang Zhaoyang is famous for his love running. He finished his first marathon in 2015. Besides, he also loved yoga and he paid much attention to health .

Wang Jianlin: get up at 4 day fly in 2 countries 3 city

2016 in December, Wanda Group in the WeChat public drying out of a single trip from Wang Jianlin in November 30th, on a single trip, Wang Jianlin at 4 o'clock in the morning to get up at 4:15, fitness in one day to fly the three city in two countries.

Wanda administrative micro-blog also specifically referred to the fitness of this matter, said Wang Jianlin insisted for two years, regardless of the weather, even abroad is not in vain. You must stay for 1 hours in a day.

Robin Li: day 55% of the time for the rest 20%

Baidu chairman Robin Li has said in the World Conference on the Internet, you will get up every morning at 5, because in a hurry, too many opportunities, to think what should give up, what should seize.

Robin Li is not only a handsome man but also a hard worker. He has been reported by the media that he has a rest schedule of 20% days, 25% golfing and 55% working hours, and he keeps on doing things at five o'clock every day.

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