He Jie: suspected current boyfriend is married with a son

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tengxunyule· 2017-12-11 12:18:12

Tencent entertainment news (by Donny) after a year of separation, He Jie and Ming He divorce the war officially kicked off at the same time, He Jie's affair with exposure. Recently, the media photographed He Jie and Diao Lei together with a baby close to travel, also said two people spent the night.

Lei Diao is the sort of person? Familiar with the domestic rock circle of people are not familiar with this name, he is Gao Qi & overload band, and other domestic faces veteran drummer, Pu Shu, Xun Zhou, who also Shuimunianhua, Zheng Jun, wolf, Peng Tan, Yu Yang and other famous singers recorded singles or albums, can be said to be the rock circle "montana".

. In addition to rock singer, Diao Lei rarely interacts with pop singers. He Jie is one of the few pop singers he has worked with. This year He Jie "against stubborn" concert, Diao Lei is the Queen's drummer. The two intersection from the earliest in 2014, Diao Lei participated in the He Jie concert, micro-blog was still claiming to be He Jie's "idiotic powder".

Diao Lei recently micro-blog has been giving praise to He Jie concert. In concert documentaries, he also generously expressed He Jie as his goddess.

in fact, in July this year, He Jie son Qibao birthday, Diao Lei was photographed from He Jieyi home to the family restaurant, birthday. At that time, he not only took out several large boxes of toys from the trunk, but also lifted the seven treasures high and was very intimate. And then He Jie and Ming he is in a state of separation, did not officially divorced.

in September of this year, there was bean seed friend broke the news, He Jie and Diao Lei together.

, but there were netizens' messages at that time, Diao Lei was actually married.

" to see Diao Lei micro-blog, indeed, in 2012, Diao Lei worked in micro-blog in drying out the wedding, this POSE is also quite rock.

" was the number of guests for 180 people, 18 tables, but not a small battle.

wedding company data also revealed that Diao Lei and Wang Yan are university students, it can be said that the two people met on the micro, because of common interests - rock together.

2012, 13 years ago, Diao Lei wife Wang Yan often sprinkled dog food on micro-blog. The life after marriage seemed very sweet. According to the insiders, two people also had a son after marriage.

" in addition to the annual Diao Lei today received a large number of work, friends and settled in Japan jointly operate a brand, the design style is also quite big tide brand liner, now He Jie's clothing products are increasingly damp, do not know not under the influence of her boyfriend.

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