Is Shawn Yue really a father? Eddie Peng said that.

Eddie Peng Shawn Yue Jay Chou

juziyule· 2017-12-11 12:24:05

since Shawn Yue announced the marriage, a variety of topics on the news everywhere, parental guidance is not broken. From the beginning of Wang Tangyun's small abdomen, to Eddie Peng's vagueness.

" yesterday, Eddie Peng attended an event in Hongkong, asked if Shawn Yue quickly upgrade when Dad paused for a second, Eddie Peng said: "I don't know, you ask him. "

and # Eddie Peng # vague response on the hot search, and marketing directly to this dull second interpretation" in general is not directly rejected really, "the brain is a little strong skill.

also have unaware netizens to see hot topic, think Eddie Peng announced love, scared to think that he will lovelorn two times in a short time. So the man is in love with him, and he really wants him to find a good other half, and he is afraid of his love.

came back to Shawn Yue. And the men of God who not only married, also have for a father. Jay Chou has a small Zhou Zhou and Cristiano class= week

" Jordan Chan and Will Liu with children on the father where

" for the wedding of Shawn Yue, in the end is not a baby, there is no accurate news, but also know the latest next year.

the last sentence

when some children wait for children to be born and don't know ~

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