Printing media: the Chinese Army almost realized "permanent stationing" in Dong Lang


tengxunjunshi· 2017-12-11 15:26:36

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[Global Times] - global network reporter Li Sikun reported the "India times" 11, broke the news that the Sikkim - Tibet - Bhutan near the junction of three hole Lang area, about 1600 to 1800 Chinese soldiers have been established in fact stationed. According to the news, the Chinese army has built two helicopter platforms, dozens of prefabricated houses, bunkers and shops, and upgraded roads to cope with the harsh winter in the high altitude area.

News quoted the Indian security sources said, when India successfully blocked the Chinese already in the hole Lang existent roads extending southward to the south of the plateau long hole Pu sister ridge, to achieve the strategic goal of "on the occasion, as a side effect to the" people's Liberation Army in the region is almost permanently stationed".

earlier, in April and May every year in October and November, the PLA will come to the cave to show their presence in the long patrol, and before returning to the area of the proposed claim, "a source said," now, after 73 days of face-to-face military confrontation after Liberation Army troops in the winter of this year the first time in our territory that belongs to Bhutan to stay away". According to

, this is consistent with the speech of India army chief of staff Lavater in September of this year. Lavater warned at that time that China will continue to "cut sausages", show muscles and some other forms to continue to encroach on the "disputed areas" between China and India. The message also said that due to the army of India at the junction of the three party for tactical dominance, China are keen to clenched hole Lang, in order to increase its convex between Sikkim and bhutan in Spring Valley strategic depth pi.

India Times said that India had never opposed the Chinese Army's patrol in Dang Lang in the past. But in the middle of 6 this year, because the PLA forces tried to break the status quo in the area, causing serious safety impact, India was forced to intervene.

reported that after confrontation, there was relative calm in the confrontation area, but both sides maintained an increasing level of armed forces along the actual control line. In addition to building homes and helicopter platforms for the troops, China also upgraded the motorized lane about 10 kilometers northeast of the Dong Lang confrontation site. "But the PLA did not take any actions to build roads in the south direction of the sister ridge," a source said. "We will have to wait and see how things will develop in the coming months.

in November 30th this year, the Ministry of defence spokesman Chinese Wu Qian had "Chinese army is still in the hole area long deployment, no withdrawal" to make a response, Wu Qiancheng as usual, "Dong Lang is China territory, we will according to this principle, decide the deployment of troops. "

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