Man is robbing the cradle, the woman? After the death of!!! A man called

Man is robbing the cradle the woman? After the death of

hulianwang· 2017-12-11 16:54:49

1, a 85 year old woman and a 25 - year-old young man married, second days, the young man died, forensic identification, results: food poisoning. (eat expired milk)

2, hunting, see two birds in the tree, playing a gun, that is no hair, are wondering, another flew down to lambaste: fuck, Lao Tzu just her clothes off, you have killed her.

3, a poor village to send a subsidy, an old man asked: what is this money? The village chief said: it is a sex life subsidy. The old man went to a surprise. The next day, the old man stooped to the wall to find the village head. Today, I want three sexual life subsidies.

4, leading the Seder, sister-in-law to help serve guests, a bet your sister-in-law's milk touch, I drink a cup of wine, the results of the two sides to honor the promise, did not expect the sister-in-law said: you don't let go of his brother-in-law, he drank dead.

5, someone into the bookstore, ask the boss, is there Ba Jin's "autumn"? The boss did not lift the head: did you make a mistake? This is the bookstore, not the ball. What is that big, one Jin is rare, eight Jin?

6, a man in the hotel, miss call, do you want to massage? Question: price? Answer: twenty yuan above the belt, two hundred yuan below the belt, man: come on! The lady went into the room to see it naked and tied the belt to his ankle. Wonder! By! That's very talented.

7, one night, a boy called a taxi, the driver of all eyes staring at him, a naked man shouted, fuck you have not seen a naked man? The woman driver is also angry: I see where your mother pays for it.

8, father and son bet: the son to father said: now the society is to take a hat to take people! Father doesn't believe it! Then the father and son father bet, wearing shabby clothes into the restaurant, ignored, son of well-dressed head into the store, very warm tea, son said to the waiter:

to the old man on the corner of the wine and good food! I'll pay! Does the waiter ask? Why? The son said "my daughter-in-law and his friend!" The waiter brought in, see the old man eating happily, disdain said: he and your daughter-in-law good you don't beat him? The old man laughs! How many years has he been with my daughter-in-law? I have been with his mother for decades! The waiter fainted on the spot! Too funny ! Be happy for other relatives too!

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