Ren Zeping's second half: it's more promising to kick the ball than the stock market

Ren Zeping stock market multi head

huaxiashibao· 2017-12-11 18:38:04

is actually playing with stocks in general, is nothing, but by any Zeping join Hengda, the relationship between the two link, we first look at a table, the table among the highest income, has now left Hengda so, from him until after Ren Zeping, we see all players, so Ren Zeping's income basically with the "international", is in a horizontal line.

50 million annual salary is not a dream about

Ren Zeping join Hengda rumors, speculation on the Internet is in a complete mess, the first method is that his salary is said to be 50 million, this rumor is not without reason, because we know the rival Xu Jiayin. The shot is always very generous, we see him CEO, what is Xia Haijun's salary? 270 million.

then give his executive vice president, what is what young open? 15 million 200 thousand is this number very familiar? This number is a little more than the annual salary that is said to be opened to Ren Zeping, so 15 million is a reliable figure. But many people think that

15 million may be relatively high, but the broker is concerned, this figure is acceptable, because we see, director of brokerage of listed companies executive compensation, more than 10 million people are not the one and only, actually in the relatively high income before the brokerage is Gao Shanwen, Shun securities chief economist. When it is said that for many years, basically can reach about 10 million, of course, most brokerage executives income uncertainty, in 5 million to 10 million, but if the bull market, plus their bonus, it is very easy to more than 10 million, so did Ren Zeping income is not low, but not high to let us excited the night can't sleep sleep stage.

write research newspaper has a

. Of course, he will take office in Hengda. His focus will be adjusted. He will mainly do research and construction of think tanks, maybe manage Hengda Research Institute, and possibly do industrial research.

said the slogan, Ren Zeping wrote the research report is set, he put the general brokerage analysts very boring Research Report, extracted with very vivid language, often on the market can be widely spread, such as before the last round of the bull market, he clearly put forward the "5000 points, also isn't a dream." with the tiger inside arias, what is the slogan? "The party gives me the wisdom to give me the courage." Of course, after the

really index to 5000 points, Ren Zeping is still relatively calm, my impression is very deep, he said at the time the mountain wind, is to remind you, people can withdraw, but generally speaking, Ren Zeping has been quite good, in addition to his words impressed within a year the first house doubled, so there is no double, about 50% is there. Where is the deep foundation of


Ren Zeping's skill, is actually from his academic background, Ren Zeping is the National People's Congress PhD graduation, he first went to stock two years as a researcher, and later went to the center of the State Council, is under the State Council Research Center, in the laboratory of Department of macro to Deputy director.

2014 Ren Zeping went to the Institute of Guotai Junan out from the center of the State Council, the director, is the main course of macro analysis, it is in the position of chief macro Guotai Junan, Ren Zeping issued a "5000 point, this is not a dream" Research Report, also rely on the fame.

but Ren Zeping's personality also let him with Guotai Junan's chief economist Lin Caiyi, the conflict between the team, so in June 2016, Ren Zeping left Guotai Junan joined the Founder Securities Research Institute, chief economist, director of the general manager.

as an economist, Ren Zeping through their own efforts to complete the life constantly jump, and get such a high salary, it is gratifying, but people feel feel dejected unwittingly, who? It's Li Daxiao.

lidaxiao felt any Zeping like him, are long camp Comrade Ren Zeping left now, brokerage analyst position to Hengda, later may not be too easy to frequent sound, so the Bulls team inside, a small door, this let Xiao feel sad.

but I think it is easy to change his spots, Ren Zeping became famous in the stock market, thanks to the stock market, gains in the stock market, one day he will fight back to the stock market, the rivers and lakes.


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