Why is NII dressed so well?

Ni Ni red net Yang Mi

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said the actress's clothes and street topic, many people will be the first time that Ni Ni, with her natural and elegant, has become a part of one's own style.

, so how does this unique style come from Ni Ni? In fact, her beauty is

plus age aura

not known is a kind of beauty of

in a very long period of time, we are exquisite beauty, the aesthetic definition of beauty of big eyes, small face, pointed chin. It also created more and more network cop.

" but now we have to see more do face, aesthetic tolerance has reached a critical point, are some of the urgent need to balance is not the same handsome.

so these years of observation, there are many red net unpopular, there are many popular sense, small eyes of Liu Wen, Dongyu Zhou, Ni Ni, Fang face cuckoo are our on a separate "old" aesthetic.

from the face of speaking, beauty is not the same, the United States is not known, can become a kind of unique beauty.

" psychologically speaking, more and more hate net red, actually also is not only because of the aesthetic fatigue network faced, it is because too many people by means of channeling into the fast lane for cosmetic. While most people would prefer those diligent, natural and easy, don't put your life in the hands of man independent woman. The beauty of

Ni Ni was just the aesthetic support of this time.

was too fashionable at that time, and it became a real

for the fashion street, which we saw most was Yang Mi. Her fashion is especially close to the trend, often leading the trend of fashion, and repeatedly becoming the queen of the goods.

, if Yang Mi is the first street queen, there are many other styles. For example, the following stars are wearing sunglasses to find out who is who is?

stars are fashionable. When everyone is rustic, full of fashion sense of talent shows itself will be. however, when all the people in the pursuit of the mode of the fashion collocation, their fashion also appears to obliterate all.

and Ni Ni's clever lies do not follow suit, are not kidnapped, know how long the United States, more know how to maintain a unified personal style.

, as far as her clothing items are concerned, is not much of a sense of fashion, or even as plain as it is. But always keep this tranquil and comfortable style, will be more than often follow the fashion trend looks more effortless.

network red aesthetic phased out, the oversaturated of templated fashion, to Ni Ni's beauty has opened a world.

Ni Ni's beauty can't be separated from this face

. It's a face with a sense of collision.

's face is still very important in dressing. The face determines the cool and warm attribute of the style.

Ni Ni's eyes are narrow and long , inside the corner of the eye hook, there will be a sense of human. However, she is also a wide eye distance, low mountain , so this narrow hook is not under the eyes, smart and aggressive.

" features are obvious sharp lines, the nose is also relatively small, but the mouth is a circular line , thick lip, lip peak was not obvious. It adds a sense of affinity.

's face is not beautiful at first glance, not strong, not dazzling, withstand scrutiny.

look at her face, from the front side, smooth lines, more like and slightly oval face, one side, you can find her mandibular angle position is low, and also the party.

" is actually a lot of square face look from the front side, because of the mandibular angle in the horizontal width of the relatively wide, relatively close to the zygomatic width. and Ni Ni, though, do not look wide on the front.

such bone characteristics, let her from the front side, will not be square face break.
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