The American pilot China Airlines told precious photos before liberation

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-12 00:56:41

, this is a group of photos taken by American Airlines pilot before liberation. It records the true appearance of China Airlines for 1946~1948 years.

. Due to the limited conditions, China Airlines had many American pilots, including many veterans who participated in the Chinese Anti Japanese war. They all like to wear the old American flying jacket, because it's a historical honor.

, radio operators and flight mechanists on planes are Chinese. In the period of the Anti Japanese War, the American airplanes flying over the hump had already had Chinese airline workers.

at the time on the flight of American journalists.

" American pilots of the pictures, he seems to be blocking the chalk "down with XXX".

, ground crew is refueling for aircraft, such simple conditions have been the normality of Chinese airlines.

prepares passengers to take a plane, watching that fuel is added to the aircraft in this way.

the tower at that time is actually a simple wooden house.

is unloading air parcel ground service.

this is the security force of the airport.

American pilots in their leisure time to go shopping.

" to do a bath, was also photographed.

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