Ni Ni's hairline? Netizen: exposed forehead collapse

Ni Ni Dongyu Zhou Chen Kun

tanzi· 2017-12-12 05:17:16

recently, Ni Ni and Dongyu Zhou attended the movie "the Beijing Premiere of numerology", as the two generation of "girl", together with the box is of course much attention.

" in the day of the premiere, cute Dongyu Zhou chose a black skirt and a black peaked cap, and Ni Ni relative to more conservative, a black casual and occupation on the shoulder of the long black hair, and looked comfortable warm.

is actively interacting with the audience at the scene and the audience at the premiere. The atmosphere of the scene looks quite lively.

, but goose, careful netizens find Ni Ni hair line is how? With other people standing together, the hairline is obviously high, and the big forehead is really strange.

and Dongyu Zhou Ni Ni of the chat, really is not removed from her eyes bright forehead.

even the ROC standing next to him feels Ni Ni is much taller than his hairline.

" this is stylish and beautiful Ni Ni Ben Ni? See the photo of the netizen is more direct: "to be bald rhythm." "

"tut Tut tut.

, but if you look carefully at the usual beauty photos, it is not difficult to find that Ni Ni's hairline is really a little high.

, but she habitually score 37 points or sub points, the picture is also beautiful, let the human only care about the face shape, so it is hard to see the shortcoming of Ni Ni Gao forehead.

plus some time ago has been making costume drama, long time to end high hair styling, expose high forehead of Ni Ni's glance.

and then compared with Chen Kunyi, this obvious forehead is really not exaggerated.

, ha ha ha ha ha, it seems that Ni Ni has been unable to recover for a long time.

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