December 12th Science News: WeChat released version update

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" China push Android unified alliance members: Google

today announced the observer, a unified push alliance official website officially launched, the publication of the relevant organization structure and union members. The top organization of

alliance is the alliance Council, under the jurisdiction of the alliance Secretariat, the technical standard group, the collaborative propulsion group and the assessment certification group.

more interesting of course or affiliate, the director of Chinese Information Communication Research Institute, vice chairman of the four major mobile phone manufacturers including HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, vivo, the three major Internet companies Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Android push push behind the Zhejiang daily interaction.

members include Meizu, Nubian, Lenovo, Spreadtrum, Qihoo 360, Jingdong.

members can also see a hammer, a plus (000, Plath) Jin Li, Mito, ASUS, Hisense, GREE, wave and other mobile phone manufacturers, as well as the three operators, a large number of manufacturers.

, interestingly, Google, SONY and Samsung are listed as observers. It seems that if the league work is well done, they will not only get the support of Google, but also hope to enter the international market. (source: fast technology)

review: hope that the alliance can effectively solve the Android push and messy problems.

WeChat released the big version of 6.6.0 to update

12 11 days. IOS version WeChat today released version update, the updated version is 6.6.0, while more suitable for iPhone X, added new functions such as "retracted message can be re edited". The contents of this update are as follows: the notes in the collection can be saved as pictures and shared in the circle of friends; the recalled messages can be re edited; voice chat can be answered like a system phone.

, where "withdrawn messages can be re edited" function is undoubtedly hand disabled party welfare. Previously, if the user accidentally entered the error when sending the message, the user needed to rewrite the text after the withdrawal. It was a waste of time and was really inconvenient for the experience. Now, it's a lot of humanization to be able to edit it again after the withdrawal. At present,

, micro Xin'an yet released the updated version of android. (source: TechWeb)

reviews: "collection" has been enriched in several recent updates.

" vimar EX5 the world's first mass-produced car unveiled, Baidu President Lu Qi station

12 on Sept. 11 news, today held in Shanghai Weimaraner car brand conference, there is the world's first SUV production car EX5 for the first time in front of people exposed. At the same time tonight, Baidu group president and COO Lu Qi came to vimar car platform. Baidu had just led company car, the amount of up to billions of yuan.

" vimar car the first production car product is a pure electric intelligent SUV models, starting price in the range of 200 thousand yuan, the maximum mileage up to 600 km, with intelligent interactive function rich, will be held in 2018 in the smart cars in the Wenzhou company factory production line. The new car will adopt a C2M customization mode, with an average delivery cycle of 1/3 of Tesla. (source: Phoenix Technology)

only takes 14 minutes to complete the first delivery of UAVs in Anhui rural area,

12 10, and the first delivery drone in Anhui flies over Lingbi. Just 14 minutes, leaves damiaocun aunt Lee received a parcel delivery came from Lingbi County, Lingbi County, which is the first single UAV distribution case. Meanwhile, Suning logistics has also established UAV distribution routes in Anhui Huaiyuan and Jinzhai counties. 3 routes have been distributed for many times on the same day. Suning's delivery in Anhui province has made a big step towards normalizing operation.

is understood that, as early as 618, Suning logistics UAV successfully launched the first flight in Anji, Zhejiang, and reduced the original more than 40 minute drive to 23 minutes. In November, "UAV transport and distribution" has been officially written into the Suning logistics business scope. Now, the use of UAV distribution is speeding up, and the distribution efficiency is greatly improved. (source: Phoenix)

Nvidia Titan V run first exposure: game performance also beat GTX 1080 Ti

on Friday, Nvidia issued "beyond all expectations the strongest in the history of the PC GPU product Titan V. Based on the Volta architecture, it sells for up to $3000, mainly for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the field of research, development, science and science. But for ordinary consumers, it is more concerned with its benchmarks and game performance. The good news is that Reddit user MrOmgWtfHaxor has just taken a flagship GTX 1080 Ti game graphics card, compared with the Titan V of the core of GV100 GPU. (source: cnBeta)

AI DeepZenGo and Tencent Jueyi go against winning a crown

yesterday, 2017 go AI dragon in Japan Akihabara ended wars.

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December 12th Science News: WeChat released version update

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