Is it not high enough for a kiss play? Shen moon mat box Yang Yang most witty

Yang Yang Li Xiaolu Joker smiled a little

beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-12 13:48:47

although "to our pure little beauty" has been perfectly closed.

" but behind the scenes still continue to burst the sweet people snore.

" earlier armed broke, because the most adorable height difference, Hu a day shouting: my waist!

, however, in today's pop scene video, Shen Yue has used secret magic weapon.

at the foot of a box, so that it will be more comfortable to kiss.

filming the end, the two people watch the monitor together. Look at the small expression, still quite satisfied!

Shen and Hu a day is really too much because of the height difference, the kissing scenes with the box.

, and the following is due to the height is almost the same, need to borrow props.

, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang cooperate with a little smile when they are in a big city. There are many kissing plays in the play.

two people real height difference.

for the sense of the picture is good, Yang Yang wore double inside heighten.

has to say for the play is also spelled.

" Joker cooperation with Li Xiaolu "our youth". I have also met this kind of thing.

Joker want to kiss Li Xiaolu, directly on tiptoe.

this method is also good!

". Acting Rong Yang, due to the lack of height, directly put on thick muffin bottom shoes, looks very heavy!

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