Decrypt! Why didn't the United States run North Korea 23 years ago?

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The Pentagon estimates that in the first three months after the outbreak of the war, about 52 thousand American soldiers were killed or injured, and the total number of casualties in the South Korean army will reach 490 thousand.

the tension on the Korean Peninsula is still continuing, and many American experts have issued a threat of force against the DPRK. But the latest deciphering American official documents will probably give them "a pot of cold water". The US Air Force Times said on the 10 day that in the year of 1994, the US government formulated the war plan and tried to destroy North Korea's nuclear ambitions with force. But the result is that the United States will pay more than 50 thousand casualties, and the plan has to give up.

"air force times" reported

" former U.S. Defense Secretary Perry

reported that the United States announced the National Security Archive declassified documents show that in 1994 when the nuclear reactor fuel North Korea for the first time the production of fissile materials, the Clinton administration has to consider the use of cruise missiles to destroy the DPRK nuclear reactor. When the United States Secretary of defense Perry said that the U.S. government had "taken a very tough stance against North Korea's nuclear weapons". He was a special envoy of the president, dedicated to the Korean Peninsula and President Kim Dae-jung, the president of South Korea, to show the intention of the United States to fight against the DPRK.

documents reveal that if is to fight the DPRK in 1994, the US and ROK coalition will surely win the war without doubt, but it will cost a lot of casualties. The Pentagon estimates that in the first three months after the outbreak of the war, about 52 thousand American soldiers were killed or injured. The total number of casualties in the Korean army will reach 490 thousand, and the number of casualties in Korean civilians will be even greater.

" South Korea "Central Daily" reported

South Korea "Central Daily" said 11, "the Clinton administration has also considered a carrot and a stick, but the analysis in 1994 to take military measures the consequences, advocates launched military strikes on North Korea a weak voice". Perry, in an interview to recall this history: "once all-out war with North Korea, it will lead to a nuclear war, even if China does not intervene, the scale of casualties are also expected to be similar to the two world war". , Newsweek said that if the war broke out in 1994, the US will pay 100 billion dollars for the war, and the scale of Korea's economic loss will reach 1 trillion dollars.

1998 in December to visit president Kim Dae-jung (right side) of the former US policy coordinator William ⋅ Perry. Source: the South Korean Central Daily

, taking into account the possible cost, finally gave up the plan to attack North Korea by force. Former US President Carter went to North Korea in June 1994, and then North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung talks, North Korea signed to aid for disarmament "Geneva nuclear framework agreement". The

air force times says the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula is very similar to that of 23 years ago. US President Trump vowed to prevent North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons, and did not rule out the possibility of war on the North Korea after the failure of diplomatic efforts. In order to pressure the North Korea, the United States recently held a large-scale joint air force exercise with the South Korea "warning trump card", and the two sides sent 230 fighters. The DPRK condemned the military exercise as "preparing for the invasion," and warned that "the outbreak of the war was only a matter of time."

B-1B the deployment of US bombers at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam on the 6 day of the peninsula in South Korea and the United States over the annual large-scale joint air exercises "alert ace" (Vigilant Ace).

has an analysis that although the growth of the conventional forces in North Korea is not very obvious compared with that of 23 years ago, ballistic missiles and nuclear technology have made great progress, especially for South Korea, Japan and the United States in the army of Japan and South Korea. If the war really broke out, the United States will still face the embarrassment of "winning and not getting hurt" more than 20 years ago.

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