The Russian army flown over and nearly collided with the two fighters

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guojihuabian· 2017-12-12 20:07:45

, according to the daily mail of December 11th, recently, a video of a jaw dropping has been circulating on the Internet. In the video, a Russian Soviet 35 fighter plane flew over a Soviet 30 fighter and nearly collided.

reported that the plane is the 30 fighter Su Su 35 fighter wing. The two fighters were flying over Syria at the time, and both sides were carrying weapons. Among them, the Su 30 fighter was loaded with R-77 midrange air to air missiles. R-77 medium range air-to-air missile is a kind of active radar guided beyond the horizon air to air missile. The western countries call it AA-12 "Python" (Adder). The purpose of developing this kind of missile is to compete with the US AIM-120. The

video was taken from the perspective of the Su 30 fighter. The video shows that a Soviet 35 fighter flew quickly from behind 30 of the Soviet Union, and it swept away from the right wing of the 30 fighter, leaving a long string of white smoke.

aviation website The Drive said that it is impossible for the United States and the British air force to make such a close parallel flight, because of security concerns.

recently, American and Russian fighters are also frequent close contact. In November 28th, a Russian Soviet 30 fighter aircraft intercepted an American P-8A "sea god" anti submarine aircraft in the Black Sea, and the two machine was only 15 meters apart. In November 23rd, when two Soviet -35 fighters carried out air raid extremist organizations in the west of the Euphrates River in Syria, a U.S. F-22 fighter suddenly approached and interfered with Russian operations. In May 9th, the Russian fighter and the US Navy reconnaissance aircraft passed over the Black Sea, less than 7 meters apart.

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The Russian army flown over and nearly collided with the two fighters

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