Vietnam's second-hand patrol ship visited Philippines and began to show off without returning home

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yunshangdekongmu· 2017-12-12 20:08:16

2017 December 9th, Vietnam Coast Guard purchased from the United States, the number of patrol ship from the United States arrived in Manila, Philippines, to visit the local ports. The patrol ship is "Morgenthau" of the US Coast Guard "Hamilton" class patrol ship, and the strength of the Vietnam coast guard will be greatly increased after acquiring the ship. CSB-8020

of Vietnam is officially delivered in May 25, 2017 this year in Hawaii, Honolulu. After delivery, CSB-8020 patrol ship also modified a series, the crew also undergo a 6 month training. In November 20, 2017, CSB-8020 patrol ship left Honolulu, opened the country's return voyage.

was on its way back home, and the CSB-8020 patrols were stopped in Guam on 4 December and then arrived in Manila in Philippines in December 9th. In fact, the CSB-8020 patrol ship from Vietnam national port has not far flight, but the crew selected by Manila, obviously want to show off the latest available second-hand patrol ship in front of the neighbor.

"Morgenthau" patrol ship was sold to Vietnam by the United States in the form of surplus defense equipment, with the intention of strengthening the latter's "maritime law enforcement" capability. The ship was in service in March 10, 1969 and retired in April 18, 2017. The ship is 115 meters long, 13 meters wide, 4.6 meters draft, a displacement of 3250 tons.

the ship is powered by two diesel engine and two gas turbines, maximum speed of 29 knots, endurance 14 thousand sea miles, holding force 45 days, the crew equipped with 20 officers and 140 sailors. Served in the U.S. Coast Guard, "Morgenthau", the military radar, including 1 AN/SPS-40 MK75 type 76.2 mm gun, phalanx CIWS, M242 cannon, Browning M2 heavy machine gun and M240 light.

delivered to Vietnam, the United States will ship most of the equipment to be dismantled, leaving only the MK75 type 76.2 mm gun, weapon is greatly weakened. In fact, as early as in 2004, in order to get the "Hamilton" class patrol ship, the Vietnam coast guard sent officers and technicians to the United States for training, so as to grasp the equipment and performance of the ship as soon as possible.

America's "Hamilton" class cruisers were built 12 ships, is continued to be "legendary" national security patrol ship replacement. The class patrols were not removed directly after their retirement, but were given or sold to other countries in the form of a second-hand ship. Countries such as Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Vietnam have been awarded the patrols.

in other countries, the "Hamilton" class patrol ships are provided to the Navy and are classified as a frigate. Among them, the Philippines Navy received 3 ship of the class patrol ships from the United States Coast Guard hands, all countries receive this type of ship most, later to become the "Austrian Gregory • Del pilar" class frigate. The

chart is added to the Vietnamese coast guard on the patrol ship of the CSB-8020. In all received the "Hamilton" class patrol ship of the country, only Vietnam is provided to the coast guard, to some extent this also provides the indescribable sense of superiority. Vietnam's visit to Philippines seems to be back to the back: look, you're a cruiser used by the main ship, and we bought it as a law enforcement ship.

Vietnam Vietnamese patrol ship returned to Manila on the way home. Besides showing their strength, there are still some practical intentions. From Guam to Philippines flight after all over the past 5 days, stopping along the way, the sailors can rest and shopping, after returning home to show the spirit of appearance. The

graph is the patrol ship that is on the side of the ship. The ship's port number has not been brushed, and there is only a "20" word. Although the military after weakening, No. CSB-8020 patrol ship still has a very strong ability, especially with the hangar and helicopter landing, it is very important to the Vietnamese coast guard.

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