The Russian special forces accidentally lost the kettle to more than 20 soldiers brought fatal disaster

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The special operations behind the

need not only be brave, but also need skills, because fighting is not a purpose, and the completion of a presupposition task is. For a lot of special operations in the enemy's post, it is to avoid the enemy's action and let the enemy seize their whereabouts. Special forces even think that if "your gun is in use before reaching the preset task point, it can be considered to be mostly a failure". Careful action, like a ghostly special force, is indeed very different from the "osmosis action" from the beginning of the art to the end.

Russian special forces soldiers how to reduce the traces of their march and action is also a required course for special forces. One of the absolute taboos of fighting in the enemy's rear is that they can't leave their own items on the route because it is likely to be exposed. The US special forces were taught several lessons during the Vietnam War, but the lessons of Russian special forces in the Caucasus war in 90s were even more painful. Such events have been recorded in the articles of the Russian Military History magazine.

" Russian special forces

1996, a Russian special operations team consisting of 23 people in the Caucasus militants control land infiltration operations, its operational goal is to search for the militants stronghold and ammunition marking, guide fighter air strikes, and waiting destroy the enemy commander. In the process of penetration in March, the occurrence of a "small": with the Caucasus mountains, various conflicts are inevitable tramp over mountains and through ravines. A soldier's military kettle was lost in unknowingly and fell on the permeable road. When the soldier found that the kettle was lost, it was impossible to remember where it might have fallen - the comrades were busy with the March, and did not notice such a detail at all. Kurt Rolf, the commander of the special forces, is in a dilemma: he knows the possible consequences of losing things after the enemy's war, but if he returns to search, he will have more chance to meet the enemy if he doesn't have time to catch up. In the end he decided to move on with the team.

" the kettle was eventually armed patrol found: special forces military kettle kettle and ordinary have some differences, soon revealed his whereabouts. The gunmen also suggest the possible route (mountain route, limited) and the mobilization of heavily encirclement. Finally in the vicinity of a special team in the Highlands, encircled by thousands of militants are pour in. Kurt Rolf knew that the task was impossible, and after trying to break through the failure, he realized that the last moment of the team had come.

" on the highland terrain, special players drove back the enemy several times a flood of attack, attack aircraft air duty were also support calls, but their ammunition limited. Kurt Rolf was the last contact with the radio equipment and in the rear, in a hail of bullets calmly reported the action after a brief and reasons for the failure of a completely wrecked all the details. Then, he asked the air fighters with the rest of the ammunition directly into the ground, let his team and the enemy die - and other special soldiers are required to do so.

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