What did Liyan Tong go out? Netizens say like garbage bags

Liyan Tong Guo Jingfei Z

tanzi· 2017-12-13 06:34:42

recently, a net friend took Liyan Tong and his friend Guo Jingfei at Shanghai airport, two people chatting along the side of the road, it seemed to be in a good mood.

" appeared the same day the airport Liyan Tong holding a black jacket, wearing a red sweater collocation cartoon dark jeans, smiling down look really beautiful youth.

" to see the media in two pictures, super good mood Liyan Tong is directed at the camera used every smile beside Guo Jingfei Scissorhands, also mask off any camera Kacha Kacha several.

users found that the collocation Yaya down jacket is really not too good-looking ah, long to the ankle with direct cover super cute fluffy sleeves. The biggest bright spot in the clothes department on a free neck bow, giving a damp and warm feeling.

is down to attract the attention of netizens, have in the photo below message asking: "have the same paragraph, for links! "

"but there are also netizens Tucao Yaya clothes looked a bit like home must yield the garbage bag ah, ha ha ha good hearts.

" despite being Tucao like garbage bags, but someone raked up publicity jacket, is not really a little common good, loose design collocation oversized sweaters will have handsome fashion sense yo ~

well, the price RMB more than 20 thousand, fashion is quite right!

, though the original version is expensive, it wants to cry, but search for Liyan Tong on the same treasure can also find your heart's love, and the price varies from 300 to 1500.

seems that Liyan Tong's carrying capacity is quite wide. This is just over the scissors here, and the fashion is updated over there. Yaya, do you consider to be the next airport take goods to the queen? Ha ha ha ha。

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What did Liyan Tong go out? Netizens say like garbage bags

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