Ma Rong and mother present the bank with a brand name bag

Baoqiang Wang ZA

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-13 06:36:33

original title: the net aerated Ma Rong and the mother low-key present the bank, hand takes the famous brand package

recently, has the net friend to take the recent situation of Ma Rong.

screen, Ma Rong appeared with her mother, and two people walked into a bank.

Ma Rong wearing a peaked cap, dressed in a low-key manner is very relaxed, but the hand is worth twenty thousand yuan package

" then, Ma Rong and his mother pick up two children.

, but only Ma Rong's mother to take care of the children in

Ma Rong and the children did not seem to have more exchanges, quickly left the scene.

before, according to media reports, Baoqiang Wang prosecuted Ma Rong divorce case trial procedure has been completed, will be sentenced in the year.

image source: Sina entertainment

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