She was mistaken for fat recent pregnancy

Of course pregnancy photo shopping bag

fenghuangyule· 2016-05-16 11:48:53

Fengjie < p > picture of Fengjie, arm thick thighs, waist fat prominent. She carried the shopping bag in one hand and the other hand holding a book.

users have commented: "I will marry you fat! "Xifeng has caught up with the average size! "Xifeng subway did not forget to read this, I was ashamed to brush micro-blog. "


Xifeng American life situation: don't open wages for three months!

Fengjie microblogging drying lunch < Phoenix Entertainment News on March 30 morning, Fengjie update micro Bo said: "middle-aged women seeking nurturing, three months without pay, this is my lunch. "And bask in a light lunch photo. < two days before she in micro Bo hair photos, many users find that Feng fat, now lunch into boiled vegetables also let users have opened Tucao mode: "go back to the motherland, I support you! "Phoenix son in weight loss. Know you want to say in weight loss, so subtle. "

2010, Luo Yufeng online said" I went to the United States ", and claimed that" abroad did not intend to go back ", since Fengjie began to live in the United States, in micro Bo often report status of life, April 20, 2015, Fengjie in micro Bo announced financing 10 million venture.

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