"Love Van Gogh" uses 6500 frames of oil painting circle in Britain and the 8 universities to learn the best oil painting!


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did you have a favorite of Van Gogh this weekend? It is said that this is the world's first hand painted oil painting. It's also the craziest and smoother movie in the year. So it just opened up the circle of friends. This film, which uses Van Gogh as a clue to read Van Gogh, is not only a bright eye, but also the heart of the people. At the end of the film, one scene was "Van Gogh's look back", especially in the view of the audience, the moment a lot of the audience burst into tears. At the end of the film, there are some tidbits and information. It is also very touching.

(it is said that the highest score of bean paste is 9.1, the last movie worth seeing this year!

" (the love of the star ~ ~)

painting originated in the west, is the history of Western painting in the way the body painting, most notably Da Vinci's "Monalisa". Therefore, most of the art students who learn oil painting dream to go abroad to further develop their own painting skills.

(Monalisa's smile locking you!)

Xiao Bian here as we sorted out the 8 British Open with oil painting professional colleges, together to understand it "~

1. University of London Royal Holloway College of professional oil painting / Royal Holloway, University of London

]:70 [[index recommended state / region] England City: []: London [application difficulty index]:66

2. / University of professional oil painting University of the Arts in London the Arts London

[:73] [recommended index state / region: England City []]: London [application difficulty index]:54

3. of the University of Chichester University of Chichester

professional drawing / painting []:62 [the state recommended index Area: England / [city]: West Sussex [application difficulty index]:55

4. of London Metropolitan University / London Metropolitan University

professional oil painting [recommended index]:51 [state] [/ area: England city]: London [application difficulty index 56

5. of The Robert Gordon University: Robert Gordon University

/ professional oil painting [recommendation]:60 [state / region]: [Scotland city]: Aberdeen [application difficulty index]:56

6. Edinburgh Institute of art painting / painting professional Edinburgh College of art

]:79 [[index recommended state / region: Scotland City [] [] Edinburgh: application of difficulty index]:74

7. Campbell Will School of art / painting Camberwell College of Arts

[oil painting professional recommendation index]:60 [state] [/ area: England city]: London [application difficulty index]:55

8. City University of Swansea Swansea Metropolitan University

professional oil painting / state / index: [recommended] area: Welsh City []: Swansea [application difficulty index]:N/A

to after work wash an eye, purification and the purification of the mind, can be in the cinema about "Van Gogh" a wave of love oh, really worth a look!

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