How many Russians were killed in the Russian army? This riddle has just given the answer!

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Syria after the outbreak of the civil war, the forces of the parties in the rapid intervention, the terrorists also took the opportunity to expand and grow, in the Russian army under the help of the government of Syria in the initiative. In December 12th, the Xinhua news agency said the Russian President Putin visited Hemai Mihm air force base, for Russian withdrawal from Syria. This marks the last few years of the Syria turmoil that finally saw the dawn of peace. At present, the Russian Syrian troops have begun to evacuate in batches. The first withdrawal includes 23 types of fixed wing fighters, 2 cards and 52 armed helicopters.

although the victory belongs to Syria belongs to Russia, but the success is to pay the price. How much did the Russian army sacrifice in more than two years of fighting? The figure in the outside world has been a mystery, the Russian Defense Ministry has not explicitly announced the death toll, but according to the Russian media: 69 aircraft all deployed in Syria, Russia in the Syrian military daily about 156 million rubles, a total of 40 Russian soldiers died in Syria. But a few days ago, Reuters reported that no less than 131 Russians died in Syria with written evidence.

40 people are also 131 people, although more than the imagination, but it is not so important. The Russian people's contributions and sacrifices made in Syria in the two years are obvious to all. People will not engage in battle Yin disobeys positive, face a set back, what we see is their real troops, bombing. Victory is changed with blood and sacrifice, the important is the sacrifice and the education they give us.

2016" in March 17th, the Russian special forces lieutenant Alexander Prokolenko reconnaissance mission in Syria, unfortunately surrounded by IS terrorists. He was alone with the terrorists, killing dozens of enemies. In no hope of breakthrough, F Rocco Rienk decided to request the Russian terrorists. And he was a target behind the fire, but by air command commander. When Alexander died only 25 years old, was posthumously awarded the "Russian hero" title. Reality version of "feel no shame before God, to fire me"! He defended the glory of the soldiers with his young life!

from the junior high officers, throughout the Russian army, is not afraid of sacrificing the spirit of the front. In September 24, 2017, Russian Army Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant General Valery Asapov was killed by IS in Syria. The reason is that he is a Russian Military Advisory Group senior command, but also lead to the frontline as Deir ezzor command, to assist the Syrian army against the liberation of Deir ezzor, results are found after the terrorists killed by mortars.

from the special forces lieutenant to lieutenant general, not only the loss of Russian soldiers and generals, the air force is not bad, face knife from behind without. In November 24, 2015, a Russian air force, a Soviet -24 fighter, was shot down by Turkey and the pilot was killed. The aircraft did not sacrifice in front of the battle, but was shot down in Turkey, Putin was scolded anger backstabbing, Moscow Kremlin said it was "very serious incident", but insisted that Turkey is Russian planes violated their airspace. After the game, Turkey finally apologized and compensated.

" in the face of their own soldiers a large number of casualties, Putin had said with deep feeling, you defend the dignity of national military glory, not to lose face to Russia, the Russians will never forget you! As a result, the Russians have carried out many commemorative events at the expense of heroes. In December 12th, Russia held for December 5, 2016 in Syria killed female nurses memorial ceremony and Nadezhda Galina; Moscow Greentown streets in heroic commando F Rocco Rienk's name as a name.

believes that all peace loving people will not forget that all of their heroes are worth remembering and remembering forever!

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