Tie up the iron bar and counterbalance China? Japan is trapped in an unimaginable confidence

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-12-13 15:02:25

if only one country in the world will not be drawn up by other countries to counterbalance China, then the country must be the iron. But recently, Japan is in the middle of an unimaginable confidence.

days ago, Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro made his first visit to Asia next year, the first is to visit the national Chinese buddies in Pakistan. According to the Japanese news of production, December 10th, Kawano Taro is going to visit Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma and India. What do you do? Japanese media circle focus: to contain in India ocean and continuously strengthen the influence of the "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, to prevent the risk of "extreme area of China tilt".

count in these countries, either Chinese Pakistan iron, or potentially "batie", plus a dismal India, Kawano Taro this is the intention to contain China, or in defiance of overconfidence?

Burma and Sri Lanka are not chess pieces.

reports that Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Burma are all important bases for China to build "pearl chain" strategy around India ocean. Naive to think that if these countries are "pawn", Kawano Taro does a good game, "contain Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, but there is not any river at the mercy of the "wild taro pieces".

do not pick the batie thing, Pakistan economic corridor "as Belt and Road Initiative" first flagship project, needless to say. Analyze Burma and Sri Lanka to see if Kawano Taro's delusions can succeed. Chang'an Avenue governor

App had combed, November 19th, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yiqian in emergency visit to Burma, put forward the "Rohingya refugees" Chinese scheme. Burma has expressed a high degree of interest in the Chinese program. Wang Yi's foreign minister has just left the number 21, and Aung San Suu Kyi told the media that a preliminary agreement was reached on the repatriation of the refugees. According to Burma's national development plan and actual needs,

helps Burma build the Sino Burma economic corridor, which is an important part of China's plan, and helps to achieve more balanced development in all parts of Burma.

when the domestic headache Aung San Suu Kyi encountered being Chinese scheme solved step by step, she will let the river wild taro fudge?

and Sri Lanka. The 9 day of Sri Lanka officially put the strategic southern port of Hambantota port to China for a term of 99 years.

, Sri Lanka finance minister Mangala Samaraweera said in Parliament 9, whether port or state will benefit from this business activity. Vera, Samarra, also confidently said that the two countries' agreements would help Sri Lanka "truly become the positioning of the India ocean economic logistics center." This time

Kawano Taro over to Sri Lanka to pour cold water, not to be a good meal.

talked about this issue, India has been the price for Sri Lanka, Kawano Taro. In December 10th, the seventh session of the world Chinese Forum opened in Shanghai, Sri Lanka, a former foreign minister, former ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Nihal Rodrigo spoke and answered questions from reporters. When asked how to treat the Hambantota port and Chinese protocol, and this in the "The Belt and Road" role, for some of the media in India Chinese will misuse Hambantota port for overseas bases, Rodrigo bluntly said, this is ridiculous.

"about the winner" India

Japanese media reported that, in order to achieve the balance of China intention, in talks with India's foreign minister, foreign minister Kawano will also call for Japan Australia India held high-level strategic dialogue, and confirm how to help the countries of South Asia to improve the ability to guard the coast guard.

in Chinese balance this goal, the two countries can echo each other. However, India's attitude to Japan is also quite complex.

, according to the India times website, India held the first ASEAN India interconnection summit in from December 11th to 12th, and its sponsor Japan has become the key to India's "East action" policy.

, which aims to counterbalance China, will participate in 10 ASEAN countries, and Vietnam and Kampuchea may be represented by ministers as representatives. Japan will be the only participating country outside ASEAN. Japan's ambassador to India, Jianping pine, calls it a part of Japan's "free and open India Pacific strategy" and India's "Eastward action". The two countries will expand cooperation.

seemingly each one takes what he needs in fact is not so understanding. On the same day,

, the fifteenth meeting between China, Russia and India and foreign ministers was also held in New Delhi. The ministers of the three countries are expected to hold consultations on hot topics such as regional security and economic cooperation. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China Russia and India cooperation should focus on strategic communication and coordination on major issues in the international region and make more concerted voices to the outside world.

or tearing? This fully reflects the modi ambivalence now, that is close to Japan but hard pull ASEAN russia. On the path of "balance diplomacy", the narrower and narrower, moody jumped into the pit he had dug for himself. But now he seems to have started up.

Kawano Taro told the media in October 26th that Japan hoped to launch Japan, the United States, India and Australia between the US President Trump's visit in November.

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