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shaoshupai· 2017-12-13 15:03:41

in Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the concept of UWP (general Windows platform) for the first time, so that developers can run programs on computers, cell phones and many other devices only once. At the same time, because all UWP applications need to be checked by application store, it also solves the shortcomings of traditional EXE software installation, such as complex installation, high permissions and uninstall. Today, the minority has brought 12 excellent UWP applications for you, making your Windows more elegant and practical.

Drawboard PDF

if you have a Surface, you must be unfamiliar with the preinstalled Drawboard PDF. This application is specially built for Windows flat panel. It can annotate, highlight, note and edit PDF files, and cooperate with Surface Pen. You can also fix the books as a magnetic patch on the start screen, or create a new document to write freely, which is the best choice for taking notes in class.

" you can buy Drawboard PDF in the Windows app store with the price of 67 yuan, the application also provides professional edition subscription, including PDF document merge sorting, accurate measurement, Surface Dial extended support, 169 yuan each year.


if you start with Surface for painting, you must not miss the Sketchable application. It provides several kinds of brush tools and rich custom options, and supports operation such as color palette through Surface Dial. It can also export pictures to PSD files including layers, which is convenient for further processing.

Sketchable" is the Windows app store page recommends regular, in fact, in September this year, I participated in the Microsoft Surface new experience, the application demonstration site is part of it.

. You can download the perview_img_p free at the Windows application store, and some functions need to be unlocked through internal purchase.


as the leader of domestic graphic graphic applications, and retouching twice won the App Store best application award. You can use it to add filter, text, mask to the photo, adjust color, exposure, distortion, and so on. Its operation is simple, powerful, and provides face recognition, batch processing and many built-in tutorials. It is a rare lightweight professional picture post processing application.

" you can download in the Windows app store for free and retouching Lite, or the price of 134 yuan to buy direct professional edition. If you have previously purchased a professional version on other platforms, you can unlock all the functions free of charge through the login account. On the official website, you can also find iOS, Android, macOS and other versions of the download link.

note, and retouching will be fully turned to the subscription business in 2018, but before the purchase of professional users can get 248 free membership, as Jiabao has no problem, the students want to start to lose time.

in addition, the minority has repeatedly tested and retouching, welcome the reading. The

butter camera

is also a domestic picture processing application, and the butter camera focuses on a variety of picture adding functions. It has a rich Chinese font template, whether it is small fresh or large fan, can be easily satisfied. In addition, the butter camera also provides community functions, you can draw inspiration from other great pictures, or you can use it directly to create your own perfect map.

. You can download the butter camera freely at the Windows app store, while providing the application of the perview_img_p and the version, you can download it in the official website. The

minority also made a lot of tests on the butter camera, and you can read it here.


Todoist is a full platform task management application as well as one of the defensive team collaboration tools that I have sent to the editorial department. It provides a variety of task processing systems, such as labels, lists, filters, and priorities, and also supports adding tasks through natural languages to improve their use efficiency.

. You can download the perview_img_p free at the Windows application store. At present, it is still in the public beta stage, but its function is perfect enough. In its official website, you can also find iOS, Android, macOS, Chrome and other downloading links.

in addition, the minority has also done a lot of deep evaluation of the Todoist, and you can understand it here.

, if you want to have a better grasp of Todoist and task management skills, you can subscribe to the "more modern way of task management" paid by minorities.

Microsoft To-Do

, if you are a mild user, Todoist may be a bit too complicated, and Microsoft To-Do may win your favor. It consists of Wunderlist team building, while maintaining a simple and easy to use Microsoft into artificial intelligence technology, intelligent recommendation and reminders can do. With the Outlook Exchange interface, you only need to log in to the Microsoft account, and you can be a native reminder of systems such as iOS and Android

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