More abuse than a hammer, playing this game to know what life is

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I know, just talking about man and a hammer, many people will think of the old law, artisan spirit, and the group by his feelings of child cry engineers, cold weather, do not know the old Luo took the 600 million financing in Chengdu eat a few tons of Hot pot.

" but recently, another man holding a hammer into everyone's vision, he is "Getting Over It with game Bennett Foddy (" Benny and Ford together to overcome difficulties, hereinafter referred to as "GOI") in the "tank" a naked lower body stuffed in a large jar, with a hammer and other nonsense, he has put a lot of anchor and YouTuber tortured suspected life. The core gameplay of

" with "GOI"

climbing game is very simple, the only goal is to control the game player are a naked man and his hammer, play Shencanzhijian spirit, with "well, ah, oh" groan continue to climb. Therefore, the domestic game player gave it a name: "dig for interesting rise".


picture of the game some people may say, play a hammer, who will not? But this is not the same, in the game, the hammer will not smash things, the main usage is:

: hook hook objects, let myself go

support: support, produce a countervailing force, can make your body washed up

from the beginning to the end, only need to control the game player device is the mouse, but only the actual experience after know, it can handle the difference to how outrageous.

producer in the Steam game briefing clearly and clearly indicated:

I do this game for a specific person, in order to hurt them.

"Steam on the

when you finally familiar with the mode of operation, master mechanical lever, inertia and center of gravity principle, a variety of rugged, wonderful terrain will let you doubt life.

however, the collapse of the people or the "GOI" of the punishment mechanism, the general game will set up a "save", easy game player failed to continue the game from the point of "save", even the so-called "difficult to" metamorphosis hardcore game "I wanna" series is no exception.

I WANNA "difficult" series

and "GOI" is not a file of the game, once the game player in the process of climbing fall, great odds again fell back to the starting point, although the role of the game will not die, but the game player you can feel what is called "perfect without fire".

, the punishment mechanism, is the most abusive place of the game.

such as following the Korean anchor, after more than 12 hours of continuous climbing, a mistake, in 1 minutes to 12 hours to be dismissed, and realized that fell from heaven to hell: Cool acid "img_box" id=

the South Korean anchor on micro-blog video has received 10 thousand times forward, accompanied by the collapse of his inner world, through despair, he even live in a "img_box" class= Ming:

and a black plastic bag, wearing sunglasses. Carry on the hammer Cosplay played a "naked" in the tank: GOI

[ Img8]

there are many anchors have experienced the life change radically, despair, but also so:

and of course the two dimension teenager Cosplay:

" when the game player helplessly look at your hard work not completed, the narrator "poison chicken soup" Benny Ford will Weiweidaolai:

not what can feel than "re start" (Starting Over) more like

The imprint is engraved on my heart... Like the day before the assignment, you accidentally deleted the written homework. Well, I've done it;

also like you have set for 1 hours, they found a wallet at home, he must go home; or

like you win money at the casino, all in wager in red, black can finally win; also like in

before the wedding, you just put on dry cleaned, the most beautiful shirt, food dropped to the above

; or like you and a friend had turned upside down, finally convinced him, can not long after, he again believe up his own starting point of view;

restart, than the start (Starting up) more difficult.

these seemingly care, but the side of the heart is not the whole taunt.
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