Why do domestic mobile phones do not sell well in the United States?

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at the Xiaolong summit of Qualcomm in the past few days, besides the new flagship processor Xiaolong 845 chip release, as the only mobile phone manufacturer present, Lei Jun also took the opportunity to indicate that the future of Xiaomi's mobile phone business will enter the North American market.

" although previously millet has charging treasure, headset and other accessories are sold to the United States market, but as with the major domestic mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone business in the country, regardless of the results of India, Southeast Asia, the European market is good, from the United States in the third quarter intelligent mobile phone shipments are expected this year, always in "other" (Others) around the class (except ZTE), with apple, Samsung, LG is not in a volume level.

"chart source: AppleInsider, source: Strategy Analytics

even playfully American people always feel something but Japanese cars occupy the best in all the land, like perennial economic applicable U.S. auto sales in the top, in front of the real money the American people, it is not necessary to high quality and inexpensive, cost-effective domestic mobile phone to go to.

so, what is the factor that hinders home-made mobile phones from being accepted by American consumers?

in the United States, the operator is the father of

currently in the country, consumers buy mobile phone and generally have only two channels: either in the manufacturer website / third party shopping platform for online shopping or go directly to the retail line / authorization store to buy, as mobile, Unicom, telecom operators to launch contract machine subsidies continue to decline the channel operators in the country has gradually become a reality chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival.

iPhone X "China Unicom contract machine package, for ordinary users can be said to be" insulation ", the self: Unicom

and Chinese Chinese the opposite, more than 80% of American consumers buy mobile phone through the four national operator: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, the four giants hundred-percent monopoly on the mobile phone purchase channels. By contrast, many mobile phone manufacturers and retail businesses have only a small channel.

USA four major telecom operators logo, map from: Apple

to iPhone last year (as of September) in the United States accounted for cases of different sales channels, nearly 80% of consumers chose to buy iPhone from the operator channel, only 10% of consumers buy directly from Apple and Store (Best Buy) from best buy the number of retailers buy less.

"chart source: 9to5Mac, source: of course the effect of CIRP

intelligent mobile phone sales channels so that the proportion of China for many mobile phone manufacturers have obviously:

for millet this compression intermediate channel, the main cost of online sales, and in the present force official retail line (millet home) the Internet mobile phone manufacturers, can be described as two are not pleased, because the American people don't do online and offline retail store to buy mobile phone...

"on the goods if the United States would have to The climate does not suit one....

for the extra value of the channel line + OPPO vivo, advertising and marketing firms, the small meat advertising, inflatable doll street dance is not estimated. But they may be able to play their own games, and the US operator training staff are also playing, even if they don't exist.

so rely on self Hi, apparently also cannot succeed.

"on the scene feel molimen, figure from the network by splicing

that someone will say, since not and American operators, then find the partner.

HUAWEI did it. At the beginning of this year's CES 2017 exhibition, HUAWEI announced that its high-end machine Mate 9 from January 6th officially sold in the United States, partners are best buy, amazon.com, Newegg and B&H.

, however, the Wall Street journal has published a report that

has more than 80% share of the mobile phone sales market in the US, and the operators are unwilling to cooperate with HUAWEI. The company is facing great challenges if it wants to succeed in the US market.

is smart. Last month, according to the code found by XDA Developers Developer Forum, HUAWEI's new flagship Mate 10 Pro will be distributed by AT&T in the United States this year. Although Mate 10 Pro has not yet been listed in the United States, it is eight or nine no more than ten.

appears to want to sell mobile phones in the US, so the operator's "protection fee" is a real hover.

patent needs to strengthen

as the birthplace of modern communication technology. The us not only breeds a large number of companies that master the core technology of communication, but also has a complete set of protection of intellectual property rights.

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