Bad kiss CP super warm heart! Joseph Cheng uses the body as the shade of Ariel Lin

Joseph Cheng Ariel Lin CP fan picture

xinlangyule· 2016-05-16 12:20:05

fans to capture the scene to Joseph Cheng standing in the shadow of the sun in the shadow of Ariel Lin, not only look at the picture of the screen super cute, Joseph Cheng all the way to maintain her fans feel warm burst! < p < p align = "center" >网友捕捉到的画面

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> users to capture screen < p >, according to Taiwan media reports, Ariel Lin and Zheng Yuanchang 2005 in the show" mischievous kiss ", become fans in mind the classic" evil kiss CP, so contrary to many years later again in reality show "special partner" cooperation, 14 in Nanjing record last set, fan site to capture she stood in the shadow of the small ensemble to block the sun's picture, not only height difference look the picture is super cute, small ensemble maintained her let fans feel that warm burst! < p > Ariel Lin is pictures of the users to take and Zheng Yuanchang standing on the bridge, she wore a sports clothing, wearing a sun hat standing in front of the other, and back towards the sun Zheng Yuanchang to 188 cm tall figure completely ridge covered with her, so she could hide in the shadow under cover the sun.

"bad kiss CP" interaction so that fans are feeling too much love! Have a message exclaimed, "my God, it's too sweet?" , "is simply a warm cry, life is a rare friend" still the netizen explodes not without reason: "I've been looking forward to my side there is a river Naoki!" Photos continued on micro-blog crazy pass. ETtoday/ text

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