The president, behind Putin, was stopped by a Russian soldier.

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12" on Sept. 11, Russian President Putin made a surprise visit to the Russian Embassy in Syria Hermetian Mihm air force base, then ordered to withdraw troops in syria. At that time, President Assad of Syria, the Russian Defense Minister and the commander of the Russian military Syrian troops personally met Putin at the airport, but there was a very embarrassing scene at that time. According to the daily mail of December 12th, Syria's president Assad followed Putin behind and was suddenly stopped by Russian soldiers. He was asked to wait for the first time.

", we can see from the picture, Putin walked in front, the president of Syria Assad from a few meters away with Putin walking, but this time there is a Russian soldier approached blocked Assad's arm, and motioned Assad stand in place, let Putin went a few steps. After Assad had come to understand, respectfully stand here waiting for.

. For this reason, British media Daily Mail mocked that Syria president was blocked by Russian soldiers in his territory, which is very disgraceful.

" in the morning, Putin arrived at Mihm Air Force Base Hermetian, President Assad in Syria airport.

" Putin and Assad met at Mihm Air Force Base hermetian. Putin said that the Russian army and the army of Syria for more than two years shattered the most combat terrorist organization, the Russian soldiers will triumph. He said that if the terrorists in Syria looked up again, Russia would carry out the unprecedented blow to them.

Assad said that the blood of Russian soldiers and the blood of Syria soldiers sacrificed in the fight against terrorism were sprinkled in one place, and Russian soldiers would not be forgotten by the Syrian people. Assad pointed out the importance of eliminating the "Islamic state" terrorists and the role played by the Russian army in the anti terrorist operation.

, then Putin announced that he began to withdraw the Russian troops stationed in Syria. As of now, the first batch of Russian soldiers have returned.

" but this does not mean that all Russian troops from Syria, Beh May Mim Air Force Base in Tartous, the Russian navy military facilities will run forever "".

" this is Putin's visit to Beh May Mim Air Force Base in Syria, Syria from the city of Lattakia is only more than 20 kilometers, the base and the Russian naval base in Tartous, is the two largest base of Russia in Syria to combat extremist organization for. Since Russia's military involvement in the war in Syria, there are Russian fighters, Soviet -30, Su 34, Su -35 and other fighters. The fighters are taking off from here to combat the extremist organization goals in Syria. In addition, it has also deployed S-400 air defense missile system.

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The president, behind Putin, was stopped by a Russian soldier.

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