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the old man suddenly fell down when he got off the train. The bus driver didn't see that he had rolled over the old man's body … …

, the old lady fell to the ground and was rolling by the bus. "The afternoon of December 13th, Mr. Cai introduced readers, in the vicinity of Shenyang mountain road Songhua River station, a more than 60 year old woman from the 213 bus to get off when suddenly fell to the ground, the bus driver did not look after the wheel rolling Claus right arm to chest.

" Mr. Cai said, how old is lying on the ground, he did not see, at 1:30 in the afternoon, he was taken to the old man fell to the ground after the photo, and then he ran to take all the elderly emergency video. See Mr. Cai to the scene, an old man lying on the ground, head towards the rear of the bus, cotton coat off on the ground, like a sleeve wear on the arm, a cotton padded shoes out of the ground. At this time, there were a few 120 emergency workers to check the old man's injury and help the old man to arrange clothes, "but the old man did not move."

, the onlookers said that the incident happened at 1 p.m. after the incident, the police rushed to the scene for disposal, then the 120 ambulance arrived at the scene. One of the onlookers said that it is not convenient to wear heavy clothes in winter and to go up and down the stairs, including the bus and the bus. Whether young or older, you have to pay attention to clothes that are not stuck in the armrest or door of the staircase, which is so dangerous.

12, 13 PM, 3:30 p.m., the reporter got through the phone call of the 213 bus company's safety clerk. The security officer introduced that an old lady had been rolled up at the station near Songhua River street. After the incident, the 120 emergency vehicle arrived at the scene for first aid, but the old man was unfortunate to die. When he got to the scene, the 120 car had gone and the scene had been dismantled. At this time he had arrived at the traffic police department, but he did not see the bus driver. The safety officer of the

213 road bus company says he hasn't seen the bus driver yet, and the driver is still working with the police. The safety officer said that the specific circumstances of the incident had not yet been understood, but the bus had insurance, and after the accident, it could be handled through the insurance procedure.

winter old people go out to watch out for the unexpected fall

in the last few days, Shenyang weather turned cold, the elderly out in the outside to pay attention to what? The reporter interviewed the Shenyang city first people's Hospital of nerve three director Ren Li. Ren Li said the old man was suddenly turned down because of what the situation was, and it could not be judged according to the present situation.

if the elderly have basic diseases such as hypertension and heart disease, it is the safest to be accompanied by people when they go out. As the weather gets cold, the elderly's blood pressure and heart rate will be changed. It is necessary to take the medicine on time, adjust the dosage according to the specific circumstances, stabilize the blood pressure and heart rate, so that it will be safe to go out. In winter, the old people try not to go out early or too late, and choose to go out before and after noon and when the weather is good, to minimize the impact of the weather on the body.

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