These problems are more frightening than the backwardness of a weapon.

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According to WeChat

public, governor of Chang'an Avenue (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) December 13th news, today, the "Liberation Army Daily published a professor of National Defense University major general Xu Yan article, entitled" materialistic demoralized army "ruined dashun. In the article

, Xu Yan deeply analyzes reasons of Li Zicheng's failure. He said, when Li Zicheng led the Dashun army captured Beijing City, the stability of the heart, purge discipline, indulge in debauchery, wantonly plunder money, which greatly Dashun army corrosion, fighting the recession.

later, Li Zicheng met Wu and Qing in the vicinity of Shanhaiguan, a battle was defeated, the cavalry horse in Dashun army body set out, came a series of metal impact sound, because the soldiers who died with gold and silver dashun.

Xu Yan points out that Li Zicheng's tragedy left a long history lesson to the later generations. In 1949, the CPC Central Committee in Beijing, Mao Zedong emphasized that "we are not Li Zicheng," that is "Chuangwang Beijing" this lesson.

Chang'an Avenue know that, as a famous military history expert, Xu Yan is very good at the ancient and modern, with full and accurate historical materials and vivid stories to inspire the present.

" in August this year, he published an article in the newspaper "military business will inevitably lead to lax arms corruption", which refers to the financial shortfall allows army forces in business, economic benefits and a large number of resident property in wartime are complicated and difficult to deal with, difficult to mobilize.

as a result, the military camp has become a messy business area, and even the generals collude with the black and evil forces to participate in the illegal operation. At that time, the Central Army soldiers and royal officials and do embroidery, silk cloth, jewelry, when painters with a variety of operating capacity, but is no fighting. The Song Dynasty

dead military subjugation of the painful lessons explain the dangers of military business, explains the importance of the army and the armed forces a full cessation of paid services, the fundamental functions of calling for the army to return to fight for.

, who was born in a revolutionary military family in 1951, was born in a revolutionary military family, and his father fought in the Korean battlefield in 1951. At the age of 18, Xu Yan came to the army and served as an engineer, artillery and grass-roots political workers. At the grass-roots army 7 years, Xu flame and books have become attached to, especially in military history, his work, study at night during the day, reading a lot of precious historical data, including the U.S., Soviet Combat case, accumulated hundreds of thousands of words reading notes. In the autumn of

1976, he was sent to the Department of history of Jilin University to study, and then he also took the Renmin University of China master's graduate student. In the face of many work opportunities, Xu Yan chose National Defense University, after which he had been teaching and researching military history and military thought for a long time. He has been lecturing at Stanford University, Japan Defense University, and published more than 20 works such as "Golden Gate war 1949-1959" and "why the PLA can win".

at the National Defense University's lecture hall, Xu Yan's class is very popular. He teaches classes, classes and other strategic commanders school important shifts, as many general students after listening to Xu Yan's teaching, generally reflect the historical and informative, vivid and persuasive language, each class will have enough feeling down. In

2003, the National Defense University first launched a biennial "five Jay" selection, and five or six hundred faculty members participated in the voting. The first election, Xu Yan won the highest ticket. Then, in 2005 and 2007, he won this honor again, and became the only three consecutive "Professor of five Jay" at the National Defense University.

to serve the reality of history history, Xu flame for many years has not changed this view, he changed to Israeli background to create a book, the title is called "reborn" on ancient and modern military reform aspect.

from the perspective of history, Xu Yan believes that military reform requires a strong army and prosperous era, now the world has entered, although peace and development as the main theme of the stage, but the military strength is still an important factor of national strength and international influence. From the perspective of

, he thinks that the strength, scope and depth of military reform are unprecedented since the founding of new China. So he summed up the experience of studying the vicissitudes of state and army at all times and for many years, and summarized it into books, which is a reference for today's reform. After more than 30 years of academic research, Xu Yan has found that the successful military revolution in modern times is not just changing some new weapons, or simply increasing or decreasing personnel, because the rigid degeneration of military ideology and system is more terrible than that of weapons.

, in his view, needs three sides to succeed in military transformation, that is, to put forward the innovative military guiding ideology, to replace the new type of weapon and equipment, and to achieve the new compilation and restructuring of the army.

"the soul of human progress is innovation, and the soul of military progress lies in change. Xu Yan also admitted that the stability is always easy, but difficult to change. But the history behind, military reform is necessary for power! "

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