Do a lot of Internet users in the course of exercise: boys are enchanting and no girls

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guanchazhewang· 2017-12-14 02:36:02

today, a group of students on micro-blog dynamic map spread class-break setting-up exercise, I saw those students doing exercises, follow the rhythm of wanton dance, erratic, but so harmonious, so many friends to know.

a lot of friends recalled his Tiaocao student, was so clear, but before the mobile phone is not so popular, leave your handsome posture.

come together to look at these lovely students. ~

many sharp eyed netizens Now, it seems that these "drama essence" are small fat people, can be seen that every fat in the heart is a play, and the hands are particularly flexible. Netizens have published their views and feelings on the Internet.

indeed, boys flying self when girls can't ah ~

a lot of young people sigh well, what are not too much to worry about

", the majority of users have found, The dynamic figure unbridled cheesy are small fat

" some users lamented youth gone for ever, I was once so wild

" is a netizen said, had male Students because of their dance exercises to yourself, "img_box class=

youth gone for ever, once stood in the playground to do broadcast gymnastics and aerobics memories are always good, look at the Huan and class-break setting-up exercise, is not to make you think the most funny student had class, he always makes everyone happy, don't know they have a good time?

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