The people's Liberation Army in the exposure hole Longshine satellite photos, from confrontation to close

Exposure mortars rocket artillery Bhutan

huanqiuwang· 2017-12-14 02:37:16

, the India times, broke out on the 11 th, and reported that about 1600 to 1800 Chinese soldiers in the Dong Lang area near the three borderlands of Sikkim Bhutan Tibet have established a real stationing point.

today, the India media PRINT website announced the December 3rd and 10th satellite image of the District of Dong Lang.

reported that since the end of November, Chinese continue to carry out military facilities in the vicinity of long hole area. The military facilities were built in a straight line between 5 and 10 kilometres of the Sino Indian confrontation site in August this year, which can hold a force of more than 5000 people. The

facilities include 9 3 storey houses, more than 300 military vehicles, 4 large receiving antennas and so on. There are barbed wire protection around important sites. Some even have mortar positions, and two hillsides have been dug up for a large part.

. In addition, the old machine gun bunker is also reinforced and upgraded, and there are new fortifications being built. At present, there are still a lot of large cranes and bulldozers working in the whole position, and the construction work is still continuing. The

PRINT website says it shows that even in the winter, China is ready to act at any time. The


here is now stationed in about one battalion force. The previous single storey barracks are now replaced by three storeys, and there may be a hidden parking lot in the underground.

signal center has been upgraded, not only the ground receiving station, four large paraboloid antenna, two large satellite antenna, solid wall, even the whole platform are slightly raised, probably in the future to prepare for the automotive radar. The road roads around

have been upgraded, and cranes, bulldozers and building materials can be seen everywhere. Some areas are also shoveled into flat ground, which may continue to build facilities on it.

troops stationed a lot of vehicles in the vicinity of the

river. In some areas, a certain number of tents and vehicles are covered by camouflage nets. There are also a number of vehicles around the three storey house, indicating that these houses are already in use.

defense engineering

satellite map display, since June 2017, the PLA has been continuously improved and built military bunker trenches, and before the project, now there has been connected into the maze of tut.

, most of the important locations have been protected by wire mesh, but in some places it can be seen as mortar positions. Two other hillsides have been dug up a lot, and it is likely to be built into rocket launchers.

reinforced the shooting fortress.

's old machine gun bunker was also reinforced and upgraded. Now it is very convenient to move into the shooting bunker or leave from the firing point. At present, second shooting positions are still in construction.

can be confirmed through these satellite images, even in cold winter, the PLA is still in hot construction. Compared to the satellite images of November and December, the PLA was also found to be increasing.

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