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guanchazhewangcaijing· 2017-12-14 03:39:01

China "entrepreneur" magazine in December 13 journal article "depth of investigation: cash loan avalanche no snowflake is innocent", the article said that the profits behind, cash loan is destined to become a low profit industry, the next step how to go to Inclusive Finance is not just empty. The following is the full text: on the 12 th day of

12, the implementation plan of small loan business risk special rectification of small loan company (hereinafter referred to as "plan") is officially issued. It's less than a month from the supervision of the wind to the new rules. Despite expectations, or let the net loan industry taut nerve. The

program is mainly reflected in the following aspects: strict management and approval authority, equity management, financing channels, interest rate transparency, and business partner qualification review.

, that is to say, from the perspective of license plate, the scheme strengthens the strict examination and approval authority for the upcoming small net loan company, and also has a new review of the enterprises that have already obtained the license. Pointed out that the

scheme: the main business qualification examination includes control of shareholder qualification, initiated the borrower scene, endogenous sources, Internet data base and digital wind requirements are strict and reasonable, approved business qualification verification mechanism meets the relevant conditions. The endorsement of

shareholders will affect the future development of network small loan companies. The scheme has been detailed, and the qualification of shareholders should be examined in detail. such as whether shareholders have good social reputation, credit records, tax records and financial status, whether they comply with laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. We should use penetrative supervision to check whether shareholders invest in non self owned funds, such as entrusted funds or debt funds, whether they entrust others or accept others to hold small loan company equity.

in financing channels, it is necessary to check whether small loan companies are mainly engaged in lending business with their own funds. It is directly pointed out that assets, such as "cash loan", "campus loan", "down payment loan" and so on, can not be directly or covert. As it had been expected, ABS did not die, but it would become more stringent.

comprehensive real interest rates is considered from the white user's point of view, standardize the market of product promotion, let the annualized rate of real transparency, eliminate hidden fees, protection of investors, the borrower's equity. If the plan stipulates that the ratio of all loan cost and loan principal charged to borrowers in the form of interest rate and various fees shall be calculated as the comprehensive real interest rate and converted to the form of annualization.

, and the regulation of loan scope or loan usage, the plan stipulates whether the small loan company will issue loans outside its regulatory area or business scope approved by its regulatory authorities. Whether there is no specific scene and no specific use of the network small loans. Whether effective measures are taken to prevent borrowers from "lending loans" and "multiple borrowing" and so on. Whether "campus loan" and "first payment" are issued. Whether loans are issued for speculative operations such as stocks and futures.

's actions such as multi loan, loan and loan are very difficult for regulators or net loan enterprises to conduct effective investigation. They need industry alliance and a large number of data that can be shared.

finally, the restrictions on business partners, also from the source limited the source of microfinance companies. Compel it to be more formal and reduce risk. If we want to check the scope, including whether we will share loans with non lending business qualification agencies, do we provide loans for non lending business qualification institutions? In cooperation with the third party to carry out the loan business, whether credit review and risk control of outsourcing, the third party organization is through the drawer agreement and accept no guarantee qualified to provide services to increase trust and fallback commitments disguised to increase trust services, third party interest fee is charged to the borrower. From the details of the program,

can see that the risk of cash loan or online small loan has been closely watched by regulators. A special report of the magazine on the eve of the release of the program has also explored the regulatory background, confusion and breakthrough of the industry from one side. When

avalanches, no snowflake is innocent.

this sentence as a cash loan industry warning words. In December 1st, regulators finally shot, on the evening of seven, by a group of leading Internet financial risk special rectification work (the people's Bank financial market department led) and P2P network lending risk special rectification work leading group office (the CBRC Department of Inclusive Finance issued "on the leading) regulate the" cash loan "business notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice" or new regulations), has been issued to the provincial, municipal finance office. Many people in the

industry blamed the regulatory storm on Luo Min, a high-profile shop owner who was listed earlier. In fact, the public opinion storm at the time of the interesting shop listing is mostly to add firewood to the cash loan industry on the cusp. The funds of institutions, listed companies and even banks can flow into cash and loan companies through various channels. They are highly leveraged at all levels. Finally, they can hardly be ignored by high interest rates to sub loan people. The family has been listed in the U.S. P2P company executives Hong Tao (a pseudonym) told reporters: Supervision launched in this time, time accurate, and has been to

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