The two swallow, "the disaster of angels," is now like this

Li Xiaolu Quan Ren memory

juziyule· 2017-12-14 08:50:01

is in the early morning of the day to expose the age of time!

once remembered TA, what is it like now, what are you doing? Long time no see. Are you all right?

, Li Xiaolu and Quan Ren are all angels, so you must have seen the classic of the early Chinese idol drama.

"Lin Xiaoru's good bestie two Yan you remember, the hair is not long, careless character, is a small Buddha hospital after the first good friend.

" as the two stooges Yan, although created a lot of jokes, but the friend that's very generous attempts. Play

two Yan is high star, after a performance she did not then play the show, but return to the lives of ordinary people. Now she is very ~

young, just cut a short hair, more handsome prince of orange ~

exclusive benefits! Pay attention to the orange entertainment WeChat public number: (juziyule), pay attention to it!

the day before yesterday, Li Xiaolu suddenly sent a photo of two people. They had become a good friend because of the play, and now there are occasional small gatherings.

" her micro-blog also made a different point of view the photo of ~

but she almost did not send photos, is that these, people may love low-key life!

the last sentence

you want to see who, fast on the barrage!

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