Accident! ZUK Z2 Pro will upgrade Android 8

Android moto Valon processor

anzhuozhongguo· 2017-12-14 09:47:14

is well known that, not long ago, the ZUK building logo had been dismantled, and that the ZUK brand had already left the mobile phone industry on the hardware. We can see that the recent release of the new Moto mobile version of the national version is ZUI, it is not hard to see that at present, ZUI is also dedicated to the system adaptation of the Moto mobile phone.

" while ZUK has become history, but to stop updating the product line after ZUK still in the old type push system update, and cross generation upgrade to Android in 8 very conscience.

this morning, often update shots from the process, which is using the ZUK Z2 Pro is used in the bottom 8 of Android system, carefully figured, this section uses a snapdragon processor 820 mobile phone has been three times to upgrade ZUI did not say.

ZUK did not present any back in the news, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the fans of ZUK, after the upgrade system is also a way to keep the heat in case of the ZUK brand, Lenovo ZUK continue to launch new models in the future. Are you looking forward to it?

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