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2017, for Poland Navy, this is undoubtedly a day to celebrate. With the help of the tugboat, the Silesia cruiser was slowly moved out of the dock and entered the water again. Previously, the "Silesia" offshore patrol ship received two weeks of maintenance and maintenance, the appearance of the launch has been a new look.

"Silesia" the nameplate of the offshore patrol ship. This ship is full of frustrations, it belongs to the MEKO A-100, was originally a frigate, a displacement of 2000 tons, in November 28, 2001 it started, the Poland high-rise for this ship allocation is not uniform, so until now nearing completion.

" and the previously released photos of different, the Poland shipyard has released some details such as bridge inside the ship. Through these details, we can see that most of the pipelines and equipments in Silesia ship have been installed, and they are no longer the empty shells when they first launched.

"Silesia" offshore patrol ship was originally a ship Corvette, but due to the reduction of weapons configuration, there is no need to keep so many of the crew. The ship will be equipped with the staff of 97, so the internal accommodation space is served. This should be the officer's quarters, for two rooms, the inside of the display have been loaded.

" for "Silesia" offshore patrol ship bridge features. The ship had been launched at least 3 times, and no electronic equipment was installed at the beginning of the construction, and now it has a variety of antennas. In the left side of the brush on the "241" number.

is being towed out of the floating dock "Silesia" offshore patrol ship. Depending on the floating dock, a ship like the "Silesia" is relatively convenient for maintenance and will not be restricted by the berth. From a design point of view, the ship was good for more than 10 years ago, and even today, it was still not out of fashion.

" into the floating dock to accept the maintenance before the "Silesia" coastal patrol ship, due to the long soak in the water for more than 10 years, the ship by sea water corrosion, affecting the life. If no maintenance is carried out, the ship will not take too long after entering the Poland Navy.

"Silesia" originally belonged to the "he" class frigates, the class frigate was originally planned to build 7 ships, but later left the "Silesia" of the only child. And because of the reduction of the budget, the arms configuration and electronic equipment have a large shrinkage, which can only be used to carry out the middle and low sea operations.

as a coastal patrol ship, "Silesia" the weapon configuration is relatively simple, only 1 76.2 mm guns, and 2 30 mm cannon, and is 4 for a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. However, the ship's power system is very good, using the LM2500 gas turbine and the MTU diesel engine.

puzzles that the "Silesia" offshore patrol ship's tonnage has reached more than 2000 tons, but only the helicopter deck, there is no hangar. This is actually a waste of tonnage, because in other countries, such tonnage ships are equipped with hangar. Even shipboard helicopters can provide reaction capability and flexibility even in maritime law enforcement tasks.

, according to the prediction, the "Silesia" offshore patrol ship will go out for sea trial in February 2018. It will not be easy to wait until this day. The ship and offshore patrol vessels built so long, means that Poland will overtake India, a place in the history of the global ship industry, become the beginning of twenty-first Century the construction of warships of the slowest country.

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