The United States is willing to "negotiate", does it really want peace? Before the war or virtual and one gun?

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world military alone before the Korean Peninsula once again because of North Korea launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, South Korea held the largest in the history of the joint air exercises slip into the brink of war, and even the danger of nuclear war. At this critical juncture, the United States, as a direct pass to decide the trend of the peninsula crisis, suddenly issued the voice of peace talks, and discussed with China the guarantee of North Korea's nuclear safety measures. The United States is to do so, North Korea recognized counseling? Or virtual and before the war a gun? The enterprise is drawing China into the water?

" according to the Russian satellite news agency reported in December 13th 12, U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson speech the Atlantic Council in Washington said: "we must sit down at the negotiating table to the DPRK authorities. If they want to, we are ready to negotiate with them at any time! Washington is discussing with Beijing that once North Korea has "some unstable situation", how to ensure the safety of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ensure that nothing will fall into the hands of people we don't want it to fall into. The instability of the DPRK has nothing to do with any measure we take from the outside, which is from the interior of the DPRK. "Tiller son of this paragraph, contains the multi-layer meaning, thought-provoking!

as the only superpower in the world's secretary of state, Tiller Sen could not talk, that is ready to negotiate with North korea. You know, the United States has been trying to solve the Korean Peninsula crisis in two directions. One is the economic pressure, the two is the military threat. Little mention is made of the peace negotiations. Tillerson, at least, can see that the United States has lost its way to the resolution of the peninsula crisis. The pressure on the economy has been put pressure on, and the threat of the exercise has been done, not only did it not work, but also let North Korea own both the nuclear bomb and the intercontinental ballistic missile that directly threatens the US. In the present situation, peace negotiations are the only solution. Tillerson released this fall, it would be rational choice, welcome the whole world. But we are afraid that the United States is on the face of one set, and a set behind it is ready for the war.

North Korea is about to happen "some unstable situation", and this instability has nothing to do with any measures we take from outside. Tillerson's words seemed to be very strong and revealed two possibilities. One is the imminent change within the regime of the Korean regime. After all, the supreme leader of the DPRK, young, has absolutely mastery of the DPRK's supreme power, and the means in executing the disharmony of the DPRK are "awe". The North Korean regime within the anti war voice can hardly be avoided, once the high-level rebellion, most likely the peninsula will change a hundred responses to a single call, crisis trend; another is South Korea has enough influence to the Korean senior government, army and all sectors of society, the peaceful evolution of North Korea will become a reality. It is clear that the CIA is the most destructive intelligence organization in the world, and can do anything to achieve its goal. Once the evolution is successful, the peninsula does not need war, that is, it can be "peace" in the United States, and the war of no war is the most desired effect in the United States.

Washington and Beijing discuss the security of nuclear weapons developed by the DPRK and ensure that it does not fall into the hands of others. That the United States has enough evidence to confirm that North Korea had nuclear weapons, then the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is no longer possible, once the United States in the peninsula war, it will face the threat of nuclear war, this is who can not bear the responsibility, not Matisse, not with blackmail, President Trump could not! It is the most urgent thing to ensure the security of North Korea's nuclear weapons, which is more important than the launch of the war. Once the nuclear weapons fall into the hands of the war maniac and even the terrorist organization, the whole world will fall into the abyss. At present, the United States needs China's support most. It's true, but is the United States playing the role of China? It's hard to say that China needs to wait for its changes to stop.

" of course, Tillerson did not forget to attack Russia "in violation of implementing the United Nations Security Council resolution on North Korea's behavior" in the speech, seems to have tried to pick out the relationship between Ross and the Russian Chinese. Since, in solving the crisis on the peninsula, Russia stood in the same trenches, respectively, put forward "double suspension", "parallel" and roadmap, advocate resolved through peaceful negotiations, strongly opposed economic sanctions and the threat of force and war, but the United States has not accepted. Not long before, the permanent representative of the United States even if China Haley threat: not solve the question to do more, "the United States will take over the matter, in an attempt to solve the peninsula crisis responsibility to jilt to Chinese Chinese, of course not promised! Want to pull China water, more impossible! When

solved the Korean Peninsula crisis and the United States really needed the cooperation between China and Russia, Tillerson did not forget to take a beating. It was really dangerous and dangerous. China and Russia will never be fooled. They will follow the established policy. North Korea has a willingness to negotiate, still unknowns!

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