French politician propaganda posters consume the dead: will your conscience hurt?

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-14 09:50:36

[Global Times special correspondent Liu Haoran] "Mr. Mayor, your conscience will not hurt?" "Recently, the French Lord Mayor Rob Mena Bei Ji pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm: in order to introduce high-speed railway project, the mayor did not hesitate to use the controversial publicity stunt, the poster content to let the audience can not help Lenovo to a sensational murder track. To many people, this kind of insensitive practice is a "two murder" to the victims.

according to Russia's "satellite" news network 13 reported that, from 11 local time, the city of bejye city began to put up a horrible publicity poster in the city (like map). In the poster, a young woman was firmly tied to the railway, screaming with the sound of fear and loss, and an old train was approaching near behind her. "If it was a high-speed train, she could be less suffering," the posters said. "Many French people said that when they saw the poster, they were mistaken for the irony of some" black humor ". I never expected that this propaganda material full of" hate women "element actually came from the municipal department. Friends on social media bluntly accused MENA said: "you really shameless!"

"HOFEN post" said the French version, poster reminiscent of a real murder: in June this year, Bo Willy Iyer in northern France's 34 year old woman was killed her husband Emily on her birthday. The murderer is to tie the victim to the rail, and let the high speed train run over.

's outrage publicity sparked public anger. The former French female children family minister Roshni O said on Twitter: "shameful" two victims of MENA will kill. Chiapa, the Secretary of state for equality in France, said she had contacted the local authorities and asked to mobilize all resources to deal with this very hate activity. Some people believe that MENA disrupt public order, should be dismissed.

however, facing a barrage of criticism, but What one says is plausible. mena. He denied this poster is in "murder victims, alluding to the consumer", argued that the poster is embodied in the wild "western style", "cowboy's wife is tied to women". He also said that this caused a huge controversy that he was "shocked", think this is a bunch of "politically correct person nervous reaction". He even uploaded several pictures of similar scenes to defend himself, including a pop poster of American pop singer Tyler Swift.

before entering politics, MENA is founder of "Reporters Without Borders" and former secretary general, who has been heavily criticized for spreading anti immigrant rhetoric. In 2014 he was elected mayor of Bei Ji "by the French far right political party national front support. In order to introduce the high-speed railway, MENA spare no effort to carry out publicity, even the French president also do their job. Another poster for Ma Kelong's farewell photos, the narrator is: "there is no high iron? Then I've gone. "

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