A dream lover of a Pisces boy

Pisces men birth dreams lovers Pisces people in life it is really one very unrealistic

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Pisces people in life is actually a very unrealistic people, they often talk, but is weak, easily hurt, the glass heart, always melancholy and moody and so on are their bad points, but also some of their advantages, Pisces is a very kind person, and they romantic, strong imagination. What is the dream lover of this kind of Pisces boy?


1.; "lover Pisces boys dreams: the romantic amorous female

shape, wavy hair, hair tied bow girl; from the internal perspective, usually male love personality good pure girl, a considerate heart love, rich performance, moderate rely on heart, everything abstraction, freedom, life, don't ask, don't compare the specificity is low carbon man Pisces dream lover.

2. Pisces dream what type of lover?

Pisces: the personality and open-minded sex of the heterosexual

Pisces is more casual, and does not want to bear any responsibility. Only the responsibility of love is that the Pisces are willing to bear the burden, and when necessary, they are willing to sacrifice for the people they love. Imaginary space is the place where Pisces like to stay, they like to describe the future dream &mdash, &mdash, and the image of their lovers. Emotionally, the Pisces will not be too active, but they are naturally attracted by the personality and open-minded sex of the opposite sex. Their demand for material is not high, and it is possible to be impulsive and love to walk on the horizon.

Pisces men have no sense of security, and girls who have a bright personality and a bit like boys will be particularly attractive to them. The most important thing is to have someone to talk about when you have something to do.

double fish girl ideal lover must ride the white horse! If you don't have a white horse that doesn't matter, will the roses be sent? They just like the boys with romantic ambience. (fortune www.tiejiong.com)

3. Pisces dream lover is like

Pisces: with open-minded attitude

Pisces people don't love what responsibility, achievement is also not big under pressure, so let them free, to find their own own way, but more suitable for their inaction. The way to deal with them is to make things abstract, liberalized and living, and not to ask and compare them, but they will be happier.

their thinking and action. Like much, but few do, basically to have stable period of things such as love, will not be positive and undisciplined, you must be a good at the helm, drove the ship “ ” to the right places is. The lover of the Pisces is the helmsman of their life.

summary: Pisces boys in fact the ideal dream lover is the kind of romantic warm love girl. Pisces boys are actually a very kind person in their lives, and they like romance, and they don't want to take responsibility. For people who don't love life under pressure, so that don't ask, good personality simple girls, a considerate heart girl is the man of their dreams.

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