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In 2018 the Leo the monthly the transport a lot of people entering coming the new the first

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many people into concerns over their fortune in the new year, but luck is good for different people are different, according to the analysis of constellation in each constellation of people into new in 2018 a new fortune, and the fortune is also due to different month see there will be very different, Leo people into 2018 each month and what changes will happen?


" Leo January 2018

, January 2018, the overall trend of Leo is still stable, smooth development in all aspects. In terms of fortune for business help, should grasp the opportunity to show their personal abilities, efforts to complete the work at hand will be full of sound and colour. In the profit aspect of fortune is good fortune, hard work can be rewarded; wealth also small income. In the emotional aspects of your partner feelings for each other but stable, easy zhengjianghaoqing, small dispute, single people in intimate occasions met reliable object. The transportation of the health is more attention to cardiovascular disease.

Leo February 2018 transport

February 2018, the sun and mercury fall in Aquarius, allowing the overall transport of the Leo to be full of energy. In career, you will have a new way of thinking for the present work, thus emerging ideas and new ideas, carefully developed in February can take advantage of this year's work plan, start a good start, the profit forecast, you are also adjust their financial measures. In relationships, with the other half of the Leo will examine, farewell and not suitable for single object, Leo will remove the old feelings of burden, to meet a new relationship. The transport of health is safe for going out.

Leo March 2018 transport of

March 2018, this month the overall transport of Leo is not clear, in the cause of the career. Some of the key work, you can not make up the mind, but there is no previous experience can be referred to, so some confusion. In the field of wealth and wealth, this month's financial transport was flat, and a whole month of investment income fluctuated, and little was achieved. In the emotional situation, the single person has the opportunity to reunite with the object that had been secretly in love again, and may lead to a predestined relationship. The other half are thinking about the event of marriage. In the health of the transport of attention to the treatment of allergies, beware of allergies caused by physical discomfort.

Leo April 2018 transport

April 2018, this month the overall movement of the Leo is relatively flat, all aspects are more conservative. In the career, and there is misunderstanding between colleagues, team cooperation ability also decreased, the need to adjust the solution in a timely manner, otherwise no end of trouble for the future. In wealth, Leo this month's wealth investment is good, may be able to earn a little money. On the emotional side, the opposite sex of the single person is good. The partner's Leo had little progress this month with the other half. The transportation of the health is to pay attention to the liver and gallbladder and stomach problems.

Leo May 2018 transport

May 2018, this month the whole of the Leo is more general. In the working situation, this month Leo is very heavy on the job, and you need to deal with it with your heart. In the fortune, you need to work on the ground this month, and it may be rare to be opportunistic. In terms of emotional potential, a single Leo can't find the right way to show itself. The Leo with partners falls into the languid period after the infatuation. It takes a while to adjust the mindset and enter the emotional stability stage. It is necessary to carry out proper exercise to ensure normal work and rest in health.

Leo June 2018 transport

June 2018, the overall Leo movement improved, gradually rising. In the work of the performance of the performance can be remarkable, to be reused by the boss, the ability to get the support of the surrounding colleagues. There is an increase in personal income in the field of wealth, but the relatives and friends around you are easy to borrow money from you and should be prepared in advance. The relationship between emotions and partners will be hit by a small impact, but after the conflict, they can understand each other's mind more. It is easier for single people to get into the emotional fraud. Pay more attention to the intestines and stomach problems in health, especially when you travel to prevent water and water. (fortune tellers www.tiejiong.com)

Leo July 2018 transport

July 2018, the overall Leo movement is good, repeated up. In the field of work to develop opportunities, we should strive for resources, and take more advice from the leadership, and have a good harvest. In order to avoid financial problems, it is suggested to choose a conservative financial management mode. In the emotional side of the movement for the partner with each other feeling harmonious, can pay attention to the communication and understanding of the mind. The single Leo is satisfied with the current state of life. In terms of health and fortune as an angry note, note the clear fire swelling.

Leo in August 2018,

August 2018, the Leo overall transport potential is slightly stable, the process can be smoothly spent. Work in the field of work

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