A dream lover of a Sagittarius boy

A shooter a man a born a dream a lover a life a person his own the constellation

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in fact in life everyone has their own constellation representative, a person's sign is what has a different character, character in the constellation Sagittarius is a very adventurous person, they love freedom, unfettered, but also has a strong curiosity. Man is still very optimistic, humorous, is enough and stable, so for such a Sagittarius, you know the man of their dreams which features?


1. Sagittarius lover boys dream: Frank cheerful lively female

clean and fresh, with a dash of wild flavor girl, cheerful personality, knowledge cultivation, the pursuit of progress, optimist, naughty and frank, generous liberal, and rich topic female, passionate, can respect and give people a free space is lively female to male shooter low carbon pursuit of dreams.

2. Sagittarius dream and what type of lover?

SAGITTARIUS: everything can be accommodated.

shooter is born with rough lines. Hardly anything in the world can hurt their cheek. Strangely, a shooter's lover is often a somewhat shy man. Most of them are shyness blushing, stimulating the most sensitive nerve they like to play with. Don't believe that you are the most perfect lover in their eyes. The shooter never thinks that infidelity is a crime, adventure is their favorite, so their lovers are always the same, always changing. Not many

requirements for striker male lovers, what can give, but girls can never limit their freedom, questioning their whereabouts is taboo, the absolute end up breaking up. The

shooter needs the playmates rather than the lovers, but they don't have any plans for the future. The most important thing is to have fun. Tired of marriage again is not late either! (fortune www.tiejiong.com)

3. Sagittarius dream lover


how to do things carelessly rough neural

without any a constellation of people can have striker ability, they can still regarded as a virtue, therefore, can sometimes increase fatigue bombing two person's love interest. And your love, you have to learn to do things carelessly become inexhaustible, optimistic and confident.

when he loves you, you are the perfect lover in his eyes, everything is good; but when it comes to a fight, you become useless again. They speak straight and do not repeat their words, so they should learn not to care too much about it. Any love strategy is neither repetitive nor fatigued and bombed. The most feared thing is that it will never start. Your passivity and rigidity will only be cheaper, and they will have a positive personality of courtship.

summary: the people of the Sagittarius are actually a very free person in their lives, so their dream lover is the kind of lively and cheerful girl. Sagittarius boys like this kind of happy, straightforward, generous girl who is just like them, and the kind of girl who can accommodate them in emotion and give them free space.

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