The Russian beauty leg is 133 centimeters long to challenge the world record

Russia beauty long legs 133 cm to challenge the world record it is reported that from Russia

hulianwang· 2017-12-14 10:59:57


it is reported that from Russia Penza, 29 year old girl Ekaterina Lisina is the tallest woman in the country. 2.057 meters tall, Katya (Ekaterina's nickname) leg length is 133 cm, now she also want to challenge the two Guinness world records, respectively, have the longest legs in the world, and the world's highest height model. Katya is a former basketball player, who won the bronze medal in the Beijing Olympic games. She is not only the tallest of all Russian women, but also the largest shoe size (47 yards). But what she wants is not only that. "I want to have two world records, the longest legged people in the world and the highest model in the world. I have submitted an application to the world Guinness record and provided all the evidence needed. " Katya said in an interview.

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