Amazon department stores also have to come to the traditional retailers to worry about

Amazon retailers department stores tradition

haoqixinribao· 2016-05-16 13:19:55

The Wall Street Journal, according to informed sources said, this Amazon has its own brand in addition to selling baby diapers, will join the energetically popularized by Amazon fresh fresh.

complete list of goods not leaked, but the insider revealed, like the new co branded Belly Happy will supply nuts, tea and edible oil. And Prime Wickedly provides a variety of snacks.

in addition, Amazon in May 2015 for the Italian side, cereal, potato chips, chocolate, scissors, air cleaning agents, such as more than 20 categories of goods have applied for Elements Amazon trademark protection.

and earlier in the United States on the line of the Elements Amazon, the series of its own brand only pay $99 annual fee of Prime members can go in to buy things.

this is the same with the traditional supermarket promotional price is the same reason, part of the product can enjoy lower prices. But the more tempting is that you can save a few kilometers of the car to go shopping time.

American supermarket density is not so high as China's cities, often need to buy a week of food and daily necessities in a few kilometers. Amazon Prime members can enjoy the fastest courier service in the United States, two to three days of delivery.

as for the price war with the traditional supermarket, brand consulting firm Meets Click Brick's chief designer Bishop Bill believes that Amazon's new products have always been market harvester. And with its own brand to explore new market prices and tastes, the risk is relatively small. "Why is the risk of

small? In terms of similar products, eliminating the brand promotion and marketing and other intermediate links, its own brand than the famous brand can earn more. In addition, the accumulation of large data Amazon electricity suppliers can estimate the user's preferences for goods in a timely manner to clear off the inventory.

in fact, in order to do its own brand, Amazon has been working hard for several years. According to the science and technology news site AllThingsD reported in 2013, Amazon was secretly recruited some employees, the development of a series of its own brand products, is covered by these daily necessities. In December

2014 launched Amazon called Amazon Elements own brand of baby diapers.

in March this year, Amazon's official website and secretly launched nearly 1800 own brand Fashion Amazon clothing products, scattered in its own New York Lark, and Ro Society and other brands under.

dozens of years ago began to do its own brand of supermarkets, such as WAL-MART, Carrefour will now face no small challenge. More directly, the third party department stores and clothing brands have to compete with the platform side. Figure

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