Apple iPhone X blew two generation design: improve face recognition

Apple explode iPhone the two generation design face recognition and upgrade apple is such fo

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is the way for the new technology by radical and rapid, specific to this year, with fingerprint recognition for many years, they were instantly abandoned, instead of the face recognition function, not to give you any out of the adaptation process, can only accept so strong. There have been many users think that before

, Touch ID iPhone in Apple should be retained on the X, but is auxiliary means, so that we can better accept Face ID, for the Apple marketing speech, President Phil Schiller said that after the listing of X iPhone you see, everyone is superior customer satisfaction, accept Face ID this function, and also very happy.

iPhone X Apple blew two generation design: face recognition

in Phil Schiller's view, the fingerprint recognition is already out in the iPhone technology, a new future, we can not see its shadow, at least iPhone X series is like this, and for the full screen, Home key does not abandon then the choice.

Phil and Schiller said that after removing the entity Home key and changing to the full screen, you will also change the way of operation. The new increase to the main screen and the application switch gesture are very popular with you. After you start, you can basically adapt to 30 minutes.

looks at Apple. The future super high-end iPhone must be Face ID (evolving) new technology + the final 100% screens occupy the screen. In view of their leading position in the industry, the future mobile phone manufacturers will follow the trend in this direction.

iPhone X so this is also the basic shape, proportion of the screen will continue to improve, face recognition accuracy, accuracy and safety rate will increase...


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