Discrimination in Chinese? Cruise ships are exposed to Chinese and foreign tourists for different restaurants

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guanchazhewang· 2017-12-14 19:13:59

[/ observer network] Xu Zhe, to enter the cruise market, more and more world class cruise will transform into the thick Chinese hull internal wind, also provide rich Chinese food to seize the heart of mainland tourists. However, some of the superficial efforts to make a home, the body is very honest.

days ago, a netizen in the micro-blog broke the news, said the difference between the Royal Caribbean cruise ride to "speak Mandarin" and "English speaking" passengers will "speak English" not open to passengers go to the restaurant, the reason was because foreigners do not love table".

, the micro-blog ID said to the @ sun and the netizen, "have seen racism, but have not seen such language discrimination! "

" will start from December 9th, blogger and date, and embark on the Royal quantum of the Caribbean cruise company.

according to the blogger said, the cruise route to Shanghai - Nagasaki - Fukuoka - Shanghai - Kochi, a total of 7 days and 6 nights. In December 9th, the cruise ship set sail from Shanghai. On

, the number of Chinese tourists is about 2/3. This ratio directly causes the collision between the old group and the foreign tourists and the "fierce" spark.

" according to Blogger readme, on board second days, bloggers to the third floor to eat, but the restaurant cruise staff rushed to the four floor, the third floor is not open (said billboard on the third floor four floor four floor has restaurants, but the door reads only the morning open the four floor restaurant). On the morning of 12

12, the blogger queued up to the four floor to eat, and the two people behind her asked, "do we have to spell the table?" "

then the leader of the door asked them to walk down the third floor of the stairs to eat. The

blogger asked, "why can they go down the stairs? "It's really an unimaginable answer to the leader," because foreigners don't like to spell the table. "

, have you ever asked a Chinese speaking Chinese," would you like to make a table? Can English speak more power and choice than speak Mandarin?

interpretation of the head, let bloggers recall the previous day's dining experience. On the first of 11

12, when the blogger lined up on the four floor, it happened that the waiter brought two white passengers to the third floor to eat. At first,

didn't care about bloggers. And when the waiter asked the bloggers to sit at the table with the Old English speaking women, they thought it was their convenience to manage.

now wants to come, the truth behind this move is staggering.

at the same time, the blogger also mentioned that after sharing the table with the old lady, the speed of the food table was much slower than that of the old lady's table. "There has been only one cup of water."

" provoked other bloggers straight boat ", the most despised Chinese is Chinese". This is the case with


" angry Bo after the owner to service center complaints, find a cruise to the relevant person in charge, the other interpretation generally means that this was an accident.

cruise catering director said, "this time the ship non mainland passengers more than 1000 people, with Shanghai as the quantum number of year homeport rarely have this voyage. Usually, in order to get close to Chinese eating habits, they add a lot of Chinese food to the menu of the main restaurant, while foreigners have their own food and hobbies, American English Australian breakfast, and the most classic example is the well-known Muslim food. According to the kitchen's working methods and busy degree, at the same time, preparing Chinese and Western food and various special flavors can cause no way to finish or some kind of food can't finish, resulting in waste. Chinese may not like western style breakfast, but foreigners may not be able to eat Chinese food. In addition there are some special requirements on the diet of people, have filed their needs when booking the ship, so that he and his companion, will go to the third floor of the "special food restaurant". "

at the same time, they believe that food and beverage habits are also one of the reasons for the separation of people from different countries. They say, for example, that Chinese people will eat faster and eat out. In contrast, they think that foreigners can eat more slowly. At the same time, Chinese people are accustomed to having meals together, while foreigners may be more accustomed to eating their own meal system. Such different habits, if they fight together, may lead to unhappy meals on both sides.

's food and beverage director denied the discriminatory component, saying he did not take Chinese tourists as two.

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