It is suggested that the army should be sent to Korea. The United States really dare to decorum?

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fenghuangjunshi· 2017-12-14 19:24:41

Author: Tian Ming; pictures from the network

; the United States on the Peninsula issue has always been prepared for two hands, carrot and stick. The US and South Korea military exercise had just ended soon, but the situation was far from calm, and the United States was already preparing for the war. While preparing for the war, the demands of the United States to China are more unjustifiable and simply unacceptable.

12 12, Secretary of state Tiller Sen said publicly to the Chinese that have occurred, such as North Korea collapse or great unrest, in order to ensure the safety of North Korea's nuclear weapons, the United States will send troops into North Korea, but promised to leave North Korea back to South Korea in the nuclear weapons to ensure safety. In December 13th, Lu Kang, a spokesman for China's Ministry of foreign affairs, answered questions from reporters when he asked questions. "We insist on maintaining peace and stability in the peninsula while adhering to the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula," and insist on resolving the Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue and consultation. It is based on this consistent position of China that we have consistently emphasized that the peninsula is not allowed to generate war and chaos in the process of communication and coordination with all concerned parties.

"the peninsula must not be disturbed by war students!" The Ministry of foreign affairs emphasizes this attitude again. It is evident that China's position is firm. The US should not go all in to think of a soldier entering Korea, which has already seriously touched the bottom line of the Chinese side and is unacceptable. Another point is that no matter what problems happen in Korea, China will handle it well and do not need the United States to intervene. The Peninsula issue involves the core interests of China, and it is unacceptable for the United States to enter North Korea on any pretext. And we are going to have a big question mark for the withdrawal of US troops into Korea. The

has become commonplace in the US. It can be said that there is no credit in the US. The situation in the Middle East countries is a living example. The Syria crisis has now come to an end, with Russia announcing that the Russian army will withdraw from Syria in December 11th. However, the United States has no response to, hope in Syria hang out. Far from saying, let's look around and know that America is not trustworthy. After the end of the Korean War, the Chinese volunteers and the Soviet army had been withdrawn, but the United States had been in Korea for more than 60 years. The US is understandable about the safety of nuclear arsenals when it is worried about the DPRK's crisis. How is the American Army going to Korea, peaceful means or means of war. Even if the U. S. troops entered the North Korea, there was an accident in the process of handling the nuclear weapons, who would bear the consequences. The expression of

in the United States is also extremely contradictory, that is to say what to talk, but now it is trying to enter the North Korea. US Secretary of state Tillerson said in December 12th that the United States was "always" ready to start negotiations with the DPRK. If they want to, we are ready to negotiate with them at any time. However, only a day after, the appearance of a ground - shaking, stunning. No matter what the recent American statement is, the United States should consider the consequences of a showdown on the peninsula. As we all know, the stability of the peninsula is involved in the core interests of our country. The Korean Peninsula is a strategic barrier of our country, the United States said North Korea wanted to enter the fond dream is to solve the nuclear issue, but is self deceiving, self deception. It is impossible for US troops to come out, and the biggest intention of the United States is to encirclement of our country. If the DPRK is unpredictable, it is impossible for the United States to enter North Korea by any excuse.

" is the DPRK nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula directly parties, but also hold the key to solve the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula. China supports also hope to see the two parties through direct dialogue and contact, create the necessary conditions for the final settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula. Hope that the United States must bear in mind the Chinese promised four "no" principle: do not seek regime change, do not seek to destroy the North Korean regime, accelerate the unification does not seek, not to seek a truce in the military demarcation line to the north of the garrison excuse. This is our bottom line, not half step and beyond!

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