Formal 985 why change to "wild pig University" netizen God comment

Nanjing University Wan Wan never thought Nanjing a circle of friends

shenchouZAKER· 2017-12-15 03:42:02

boo! Hold talk! You this photo has been the Sun online

" really never thought, since yesterday, the South adult circle of friends should be two wild boar shuabing! ↓ ↓ ↓

" according to the Beijing Youth Daily reported on the 13 day, a few wild boar appeared in the campus of Nanjing University. A Nanjing University student told reporters, about 4:30, in their home floor, Nanjing University School of astronomy and space science, suddenly saw two wild boar ran down and quickly ran back.

" from users send pictures, the two wild boar one after another to go on the road, the distance is a car traveling in the car.

it is understood that there are a lot of mountains, North Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University. Circle of friends: Shuabing turned Nanjing wild boar, ecological good university "! A

picture, blown out of a big band hand online. The various versions of the piece!


robbed terrified passers-by saw the distant people? Are you afraid to ask!

CP version: eat dog food, never thought to eat food to see the wild boar CP

in pairs, the majority of single people again deeply hurt:

has also been feeling the object finally found the two brothers, for so many years, where did you go? Who is a pig?

"dog eat, never thought to eat food"

Edition: find a roommate my roommate stroll

students to glance the pig origin: wait a moment, I put the two running back!

hopes the students are not roommates "hit"...

test version: Postgraduate Party envy ah

light footsteps, vividly convey the joy of heart after the test:

version: Christmas holiday boar

Christmas is coming, may be a celebration ahead of wild boar...

picture is too beautiful poetic version:

version: ecological campus of Nanjing wild boar university welcomes you!

mentees immediately to study section, welcome to apply! The "

" of Nanjing University, pay close attention to ecological environment, beautiful scenery is gold and silver, the effect is obvious. "

security department has been involved in the process, users should be involved in the canteen! The wild boar and the South

forged indissoluble bound … …

"P users Tunan badge

flood red pig, a pig you later and you know what?

" not the end of things, it is said in the wild boar, and students in the South found fox!

" is worthy of netizen mouth "national best ecological campus"!

small curious to search a lot, found that this type of event is really not uncommon:

" netizens are also offering the school of wildlife, and a large potential South compete.

"summer camp University" for the Lanzhou University, interested observer network note "

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